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She took the boxes out first. "They're for us. Each one has one of our names. Gosh, the boxes look like real gold."

Dana lifted hers, then yipped when Malory slapped her hand. "Don't open it yet. Let's read the note."

"Jeez, you're so strict. What does it say, Zoe?"

"Oh. Oh! It's from Rowena." She held up the note

so they could all gather around it to read.

My dearest friends,

I know this finds you well and happy, and am glad of it. Pitte and I send our love, and our gratitude. There is still work to do in our world, but balance is being restored. Already, celebrations are begun. While shadows are never dispelled completely, it is due to them the light shines bright.

I send this as I sit in the garden and hear the voices that were silent for so long. There is joy in them, and in me.

These three gifts are from the daughters, who wish you to have a token, one that both cherishes and honors the link you shared with them.

Know that on the day of your weddings, there will be celebration here, on this side of the Curtain, and that the gods bless you and yours.

My love to you, to your men, and to all you hold dear. Rowena

"She sounds… peaceful." Malory sighed. "I'm so happy for her."

Zoe laid the note down, brushed her fingers over it. "We should open the boxes together."

They picked them up, nodded, then opened the hinged lids.

"Oh." As did the others, Zoe lifted out the pendant on a long gold chain. "The pendants they wore in the painting. The ones Rowena said their father gave them." She gently touched the deep green of the emerald cabochon.

"They're exquisite." Staggered, Malory stared at the rich sapphire. "Just beautiful."

"And personal," Dana finished, holding up her ruby. "A kind of family heirloom. You know, it may be a little hokey, that something old, something new business for brides. But, these sure qualify as old. I think we should all wear them at the wedding."

"That's a wonderful idea. Zoe?"

"It's a perfect idea." She slipped hers over her head, kept her hand loosely fisted around the stone. "I think we should have a toast. Somebody think of something."

“To beauty," Malory said, lifting her glass. 'To truth and to valor."

“To the Daughters of Glass," Dana added.

"And what the hell. To us." Zoe held out her glass.

As they clinked crystal together, the silver mist of the Curtain of Dreams slid gently closed.

For now.

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