The Maiden (Montgomery/Taggert 12) - Page 85


BROCAIN DID NOT demand Rowan’s life in payment for Keon’s death. By the time Rowan saw Brocain again, nearly all the tribes were united, with Rowan as their king. Brocain wisely knew that if he harmed Rowan it would be the death of him and all the Zernas. So, in exchange for Rowan’s life, he took a hundred of the most beautiful Ulten women.

Brita married Yaine and the two of them fought each other for power so fiercely that they were little trouble to Rowan. On Yaine’s death, Daire and Cilean inherited what little wealth the Fearens had.

Rowan declared the rulers of each tribe to be dukes, and today in Lanconia, they are still the ruling families. Aria, in The Princess, is a descendant of Rowan, and J.T. is descended from Rowan’s squire, Montgomery de Warbrooke.

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