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Jaxton bent one of her legs and started moving. He thrust deep, her breasts jiggling from the force. Surprising even herself, Kiarra pulled Jaxton’s head down and bit his lower lip before raking her other hand down his back, all while moving to his rhythm. Despite her recent orgasm, the pressure was building again.

Jaxton squeezed one of her breasts, and his other hand started flicking her clit again. She moaned and he thrust his tongue into her mouth and pounded harder. Pinpricks of light started to dance before her eyes. Jaxton applied pressure to her clit with his thumb and pleasure shot through her, quickly followed by internal spasms.

Jaxton stilled and groaned, before settling his weight on top of her. Part of her couldn’t believe she’d just had sex with Jaxton, while another part of her was purring in contentment and telling her to just accept it.

For better or for worse, the relationship between her and Jaxton had just changed forever.

Tracing patterns on his damp back with her finger, Kiarra didn’t panic. Interacting with Jaxton had changed her from day one, and she liked who she’d become. She only hoped Jaxton wouldn’t hurt her.

Jaxton kissed the side of her neck and said, “You’re too quiet, pet. What’re you thinking about?”

Grateful for the distraction, Kiarra decided to dodge the question. She was far too content to ruin the moment with doubts. “I’m trying to decide if you were good enough to qualify as a ‘sex god’ or not.”

Jaxton raised his head. “Well, then I think you need some more convincing, to put aside all doubts.”

Kiarra bit back a smile. “Best out of three?”

Jaxton smiled in a very male way. “I’d say best out of five, except you need to be able to walk tomorrow.”

The erotic image of them having hours of sex, in various positions, went straight between her thighs, where Jaxton was still inside her. Something must’ve shown on her face, because Jaxton’s male smile became smugger. He leaned down and stopped a hairbreadth from her lips. “Such a greedy thing. Let’s see if I can sate your appetite.”

He kissed her and tried to do exactly that.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Gio had received orders that a specialist would interrogate Millie Ward since the rowanberry juice was starting to wear off, and her interrogation would require a finer technique without it. While relieved he wouldn’t have to torture the woman, part of him wanted to prevent it. Especially after what he’d read about the pediatrics facilities.

There were at least five facilities worldwide, and their main purpose was to monitor DNA mutations caused by their parents’ gene-therapy trials. All of the children born inside the AMT compounds were sent to the pediatrics facilities, not just the first-borns. Some of the children were the second generation to be born inside the AMT, meaning that the program had been going on for a long time without oversight or Feiru High Council jurisdiction. At least publicly.

He’d always been a man of the law, and imprisoning Feiru without legal basis irked him. Part of the reason he wanted to be a member of Parliament was so that he could draft or change laws for a better future and show that democracy still worked.

His father had always reinforced that everyone should know their place in society. Even imprisoning first-borns had served a purpose—to protect the rest of Feiru kind from human hysteria and discrimination. But Gio started to wonder if his father was more concerned with acquiring power for his own goals than for the good of the Feiru public. Holding children without elemental abilities inside the pediatrics facilities did nothing to help repeal Article I, or to develop an elemental-magic-subduing formula.

A beep sounded behind him, signaling the return of Kiarra’s tracking beacon. Gio noted the location and gave the coordinates to one of his retrieval squads, along with explicit instructions to bring Kiarra, and any others with her, back alive. The more information he gathered, the more likely it was his father would give him another task. Gio wanted to find out more about what was happening inside the AMT compounds, and to do that, he needed access.

He also needed to find out more about his father’s motives.

Taking a deep breath, Gio headed down the hall toward the interrogation room. It was time to see if he could stomach an interrogation conducted by a specialist.

Kiarra woke at the sudden rush of cold air to her back. She opened her eyes to see Jaxton sitting upright, a gun in his hand. “What’s going on?”

Jaxton squeezed her hip. “The fire escape rattled. Whatever made it was too heavy to be a stray animal.”

She sat up, pulling the blanket up with her to cover her breasts, and listened. After a few seconds she said, “I don’t hear anything.”

Jaxton rose, unashamed of his nakedness. She watched him walk across the room to the window and forced herself to focus on the possible threat instead of his well-shaped backside. “Well?”

He remained still, probably scanning the surroundings, when he cursed. “There’s a small group of people standing near a van down there, and they’re gesturing this way. I can’t tell if they’re armed or not.” He threw a glance over his shoulder. “Get dressed, Kiarra. It may be nothing, but I’m not taking chances.”

Ignoring the soreness between her legs, Kiarra threw on some clothes and joined Jaxton by the window. He was now fully dressed and craning his head at an odd angle, near the top of the window. Kiarra wondered what he was looking for, but she simply said, “I’m ready.”

“Do you have your gun?” Kiarra took the gun from her waistband at her back and Jaxton nodded. “Right. I’m going to check the front entrance. Stay away from the window, but keep your safety off.” He placed a hand on her lower back and leaned in close. “If worse comes to worst, then use your fire.”

He gave her a gentle kiss before he went to the door on the far side of the room. Kiarra kept an eye on the window and wondered who might be outside. Jaxton was experienced when it came to evading people and had been overly cautious yesterday, so whoever it was, they were good.

Even if they’d interrogated Millie with the hope of finding out their location, Millie would’ve had no idea that they’d come here.

Millie. If they were caught, no one could help Jaxton’s sister. That thought kicked her mind into gear. She checked to see if she could sti

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