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Sabrina tensed a second and Jorge knew he had her. She recovered quickly and whispered, “What did you call me?”

“Oh, I think you heard the first time. So, unless you want me to share your little secret with your superiors, you’re going to answer my questions.”

Sabrina was having a hard time keeping herself together. Jorge was good at reading people, and she didn’t want to give him any more fodder to use against her than was necessary. If she’d heard him correctly, she had a huge problem on her hands.

Saito was the alias last name she had used in her previous assignment down in Rio de Janeiro. How in the hell had he found out about it? And if he knew that, what else did he know?

Suddenly, the optimism she’d had about finishing this assignment and getting the hell out of Merida vanished. One word about using an alias, and her Fed League superiors—including Watkins—would toss her into a cold, dark room and torture the truth out of her. While she’d been trained to resist spilling secrets under torture, she had no desire to test it.

Everything she’d worked for, and all the deaths she’d caused over the last two years would be for nothing if Jorge made one call and shared her secret.

Focus. It was useless to start obsessing over anything until she had more information. The only way she was going to get that was getting Salazar to talk.

She gave him a cool look. “I’ll talk, but not here. I’m not promising you anything in terms of answers, but I’ll give you five minutes.”

“Fine, I’ll meet you outside. But if you try to sneak out the back or try to give me the slip, I’ll still find you and I won’t be so nice the next time. Considering what you did, I’m sure you’d agree that I’ve been pretty fucking restrained.”

At the mention of her betrayal, guilt started to nibble at her. But she pushed it aside and looked down her nose at him. “Nine months might have passed, but I haven’t forgotten about your tracking skills.”

He pushed back his chair from the table. “Good. I’ll be waiting for you outside.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll find you.”

His words held an underlying threat, but it was his intense gaze that made her heart rate kick up. Whatever had

happened to him in the last nine months, it hadn’t been good. Jorge Salazar was no longer the easygoing young man with a sense of humor and a passion for making things right. He was angrier, more serious, and more mature. She wondered what had happened to him.

That question was on the tip of her tongue, but she held back. Until she found out what he knew, she needed to be careful.

Jorge turned and left without another word, and she released a breath. The possibility of him knowing she was an undercover Feiru Liaison officer was bad enough, but being seen with Jorge Salazar in public wasn’t much better.

His picture was on the list of former Fed League members to avoid at all costs. If they were seen together, Watkins or one of her other superiors might suspect she was either working with someone else or thinking about leaving. Hopefully, she’d kicked Jorge out of the restaurant quick enough to avoid attracting notice.

She needed to get out of here. The sooner she found out what Jorge knew, the sooner she could think of a way to get rid of him. She couldn’t turn him in to their superiors as she’d done last time, right after she’d seen his arm turn into a shadowy mist. Maybe once she had talked with him a little, she could think of a new plan.

Yolanda returned with her order and Sabrina realized she couldn’t leave until she finished what she’d come to do. “I’m sorry, but something came up. Can I get the check?”

Yolanda stopped short of frowning before she nodded and left again. No doubt she’d seen the strange man, but Sabrina had never brought Jorge here, even when they had been friends. Yolanda would probably just dismiss him as part of her current assignment.

Once Yolanda had brought the check, Sabrina scrawled her coded message on the back, requesting a meet-up with her boss tomorrow at their usual market. She handed the bill to her and smiled. “Thank you.”


Sabrina exited the restaurant, keeping her eyes and ears open. While she didn’t see Jorge anywhere, she was confident he’d find her. She turned right and started walking.

The further she went from the restaurant, the more irritated she became. She had less than an hour before she had to file her first report, and she couldn’t give Watkins any reason to dismiss her from the school job.

Just as she pulled out her cell phone to check the time again, a hand grabbed her and covered her mouth before pulling her down the empty street. Sabrina knew better than to scream, especially since the man’s touch and scent were familiar.

Jorge Salazar had found her.

Chapter Three

As Jorge dragged Sabrina further down the abandoned street, away from prying eyes, he tried not to notice how his arm kept brushing the underside of her breasts. The friction of her ass brushing against his cock wasn’t much better. And then there was her scent—a mixture of vanilla and woman that he’d never quite forgotten.

Damn it, as much as he didn’t need her to know how much her scent and touch still affected him, his dick was sending out rocket flares—I’m here, I’m hard, and I want you.

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