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Time was short, and even if the Collector found him tomorrow, he wanted to be with Sabrina at least once. They had until this evening to formulate a plan. Neena had said nothing about them needing to run or move until then, so Jorge was going to seize what might be his only chance with Sabrina. He lowered his head and kissed her.

He brushed his lips against hers, and again, desperate for her to respond. A second passed and then Sabrina placed her hands on his chest, grabbed onto his shirt, and nipped his lower lip.

He growled and moved his hands from her face to her back and pulled her flush again him. Sabrina gasped, but since she didn’t make a move to stop him, he kissed her again and pushed his tongue into her mouth.

As she tangled her tongue with his, he squeezed her ass before rocking her hips against him, the friction making his hard cock even harder. When she dug her nails in his chest through his shirt, all he could think about was her nails raking his back.

He tried to maneuver them toward the bed, but Sabrina broke their kiss and pushed him away. Her strength was no match for his, but he released her. He had done some horrible acts, but forcing a woman wasn’t one of them.

It took a second for Sabrina to catch her breath, and Jorge said, “What’s wrong? I can tell you want this as much as me.”

“Yes, but—” He reached for her, but Sabrina took a step back and shook her head. “Not now. Believe me, it’s been a long time and I’d like nothing more than for you to fuck me until I forget my name, but not until after we take down Watkins.”

“It’s only early afternoon. We have plenty of time.”

“It’s not only that—I don’t want you to sleep with me because you feel sorry for me. Give the air some time to clear, and if you still want me after tonight, you can have me.”

He growled. “I’ve wanted you for nearly two years, Sabrina Ono. Believe me; I don’t want you because of pity.”

Sabrina stared at the sexy, growling man in front of her and wanted nothing more than to run over and jump him. But she had a gut feeling that this wasn’t the time or place to do this. Jorge now knew things about her that no one else did, and she wanted a chance with him, but if they didn’t leave this place soon, she had a feeling something bad would happen.

The tough part was trying to convince the horny man in front of her that she wanted him more than anything she’d wanted in a long time, but just not right this second.

She decided laying out the facts would probably be the easiest way to distract him. “It’s not only that, but I have a bad feeling about this place. If Neena knew about it, who else might? I don’t know a whole lot about Feiru latent abilities, but is there one that can find us?”

Jorge ran a hand through his hair. “Shit, that depends. If Watkins has anything you’ve recently worn or touched, he can find us.”

“I’m sure he does, but how can that lead him to us?”

Jorge snapped into work mode and started gathering things from the nightstand and other drawers in the room. “There’s a latent ability called a ‘Locator’. It’s incredibly rare, but any Feiru with that ability can touch something you’ve recently worn or used and get a general sense of your current location.” He tucked a gun into his back waistband. “I only worked with Luciana once, but as far as I know, she’s still alive. She’s a Locator and one of the biggest prizes the Collector has in her possession.”

Sabrina pushed away the five hundred questions racing through her head and focused on the most important. “But even if we run, won’t they just take something from here and find us again?”

Jorge faced her. “A person has to have touched the item with their skin in the last twenty-four hours. That time limit should be up soon for anything in your apartment, which means if we torch this place, they won’t have any new leads.”

She blinked. “You want to set this place on fire?”

He shrugged. “The houses in this area are abandoned. As long as we get someone to call the Merida fire department right away, they’ll be able to contain it and we’ll be able to make a clean run.”

There was always a risk when fire was involved since it was unpredictable, but she trusted Jorge’s judgment. Besides, in the crazy world of Feiru magic, it wasn’t like they had any other choice. “Okay, let’s do it your way. I’ll just need a few minutes.”

Sabrina started to gather her gun and a few other items—wallet, extra bullets, her new burner phone. When she had what she needed, she asked, “So, how are we going to do this?”

Jorge reached into a cupboard in the small

kitchen and pulled out a tin jug of turpentine. “With this. Wait outside for me. I’ll be there in a minute.”

She nodded and stepped out. Jorge had worked with arson fires before, in the Fed League, and she trusted him to set it off without killing himself.

It was odd to think the Fed League had taught them something useful.

While she waited, she kept an eye on any pedestrians and tried to digest what Jorge had told her about yet another latent ability. A Shadow-Shifter, a Night-Weaver, a Locator—just how many abilities were there? And why hadn’t her office trained her on how to deal with any of them?

If she managed to get out of this alive, and one of the higher-ups inside the Feiru Liaison office would listen, Sabrina was going to suggest some serious changes on how they not only trained recruits, but also on how they should work with the Feiru to root out those who possessed latent abilities. Without someone educating the Feiru on how to protect themselves against people like the Collector, some very ‘bad yet powerful people’ could make the world a whole lot worse.

She heard the whoosh of a rapidly set fire, and Jorge darted out a second later. He continued down the street and she followed him. She asked the first person they passed to call the fire department, and tried not to think about how much her life could change in the next few hours—for better or worse.

Jorge looked through his binoculars and surveyed the school perimeter before leaning in close to Sabrina. His intention was to whisper in her ear, but he couldn’t help but take a deep inhale of her scent. Crouching next to her for over an hour, but being unable to touch her except for a casual brush of his shoulders now and then, had been agony. He was well aware of the stakes and how they needed to succeed, but for once, he regretted being a man. Sabrina looked cool and collected while he was losing a never-ending battle with a hard-on.

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