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“See, you’re doing perfect. You’re a natural.” I clasp my hands together in front of me and stare down at Violet. I should probably call her Mrs. Chambers or something to keep some sort of professionalism going, but she’s already asked me to call her Violet like ten times. She’s struggled a little to nurse Josh Jr., but it looks like she’s getting the hang of it.

I take a step back from the bed to give mom and dad a moment. Her husband Josh can’t take his eyes off his wife, and I hold my heartfelt sigh in. I would give anything to have a man look at me like that. However, it doesn’t look as if it’s in my cards. I’m a single mom that works as a nurse, and I have no time for dating.

I busy myself in the corner and straighten up a few things. We’ve waited hours for the lactation specialist to come, and I know both mom and son were getting frustrated, so I jumped in to help. I’m not going to leave until I know they’re both happy. A few minutes go by, and Josh Jr. starts grumbling.

I walk over to the bed and smile reassuringly. “He’s got a little tummy. He’s probably got his fill for now. Maybe if you burp him to release some of the pressure, that may help.”

I wait for Violet to respond. Some mothers get downright upset when you offer suggestions and then some are happy and appreciate all the help they can get. I’m pretty sure that Violet is the latter, but I still hold my breath for her to respond.

“Oh my gosh, Katie. What would I do without you? There’s so much...”

I’m shaking my head as she pulls the sheet up to cover herself and then moves the baby to her shoulder. “You’ll figure it all out. You really are doing great.”

I almost forgot Josh, her husband, was in the room. “Honey, I’m going to run out to the car and get the other suitcase with changes of clothes and things. Will you be all right?”

Violet rolls her eyes, but still smiles sweetly up at her husband. “Yes, I’ll be all right. We’re not going anywhere.”

Josh looks at me worriedly. “Can you stay with her until I get back? I don’t want her to try and get up or anything.”

I have to almost lean backwards to look up into the face of Josh Chambers. He’s huge. And the look of fear on his face just doesn’t seem like a look he’s used to. I barely hold my smirk in. “Absolutely. I’ll stay until you get back.”

He barely gets out the door, and Violet apologizes. “I’m sorry. You don’t have to stay. I know you’re busy. My husband is a little – forget that – a lot protective.”

I laugh and try not to let the envy show on my face. “You’re a lucky woman. He loves you very much. Plus, I don’t mind staying. My shift ended a little while ago.”

She gasps at the same time little Josh Jr. belches. Violet and I both laugh before she stops. “Your shift is over? You should go home...”

She barely gets the words out when the door bursts open. “There you are. I’m telling you, Katie, you should ask him. It’s obvious he knows where to get good quality tattoos. I mean, look at him.”

I blush from head to toe. My fellow nurse Jamie is sweet as all get-out. She’ll give you the shirt off her back, but she has no filter. I turn to Violet. “I’m sorry. My friend, well, she sometimes can be unprofessional.” I give a stern look at Jamie and then look back at Violet.

Jamie just laughs. “Really, Violet doesn’t care.”

“Oh, do you two know each other?” I ask Jamie as I look between her and Violet.

Jamie waves her hand in front of her face and lifts her shoulders in a shrug. “Yes. We met last night.”

I roll my eyes. Only Jamie thinks she “knows” someone when she met them less than twenty-four hours before. I grab a hold of her shoulders, ready to push her out the door when Violet stops me.

“It’s okay. Really! Are you talking about Aiden and Gracie next door? I know them. They’re from Whiskey Run too, and you’re right, Aiden would definitely know about tattoos. He owns Savage Ink.”

Jamie’s mouth drops open, and she whirls around. “See, Katie. It’s like an omen. You wanted a tattoo to sort of celebrate your divorce and show that dumba—” She looks at Josh Junior and alters her words. “—your dummy ex-husband that he can’t control you anymore.”

“You’re not married?” Violet asks.

I shake my head. “No, recently divorced actually, but I don’t really need a tattoo. It was just something I was—"

“You’ve wanted one forever!” Jamie exclaims.

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