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I can feel his lips pull into a smile as he deepens the kiss. I don’t know what to do except to hold on for dear life. I’ve been kissed before. Hell, I was married. But I can honestly say I’ve never been kissed like this. It’s as if Trey wants to be as close as he possibly can. And he’s not going to stop until he succeeds.

When he pulls back, he’s breathing hard and resting his head against mine. It’s then I realize that somehow I’m sitting on him, straddling his lap. His hard cock is pressed up between us, and oh my God, I’ve climbed onto his lap, and I swear my lower body has a mind of its own because I’m pressing down into that bulge as it glances across my clit. I drop my head to his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

His arms go around me, and he pulls me tighter. The moan leaves my mouth before I can even think about stopping it. The ridge of his cock is right against me, and I swear just two or three more movements like that and I’ll be coming just from dry humping.

His hands are holding me to him and he’s kneading my butt. I don’t want to, but it’s just like me to start being responsible. “I’d say we’re giving my neighbors a show.”

“Probably,” he says against my ear. His voice is deep and sex-filled. “You ready to go?”

I pull back and look into his eyes. They are darker than I remember them being and filled with desire… for me. “Why don’t we just stay here?”

He groans and pulls me in, my sensitive breasts pressed into his chest. “I would love that… but first we’re going to the shop.”

I almost open my mouth to argue, but I don’t. I’ve said it over and over to him… that I trust him… now I just have to show him.

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

“Am I sure I want to put my ink on you? Fuck yeah, I’m sure.”



I don’t know what it is or why it’s so important to me, but I really want to tattoo Katie. I want to feel her skin under my hand, and I wasn’t lying: I’m dying to put my mark on her. She’s nervous, really nervous, but now that I know she’s not afraid of the pain, it’s more of her showing me her body, well, I know I can put those fears to rest because right now, I’d give fuckin’ anything to see and touch her.

I’m holding her hand as we walk into Savage Ink. The new receptionist is working at the front desk, and I pull Katie under my arm. “Katie, this is Emily.”

The new hire barely smiles. “Hey Katie, it’s nice to meet you,” she says before turning her accusing eyes back on me. “Thank goodness y’all are here because Dawson is being an ass, and if I had to deal with him the rest of the night on my own, I’d probably lose my mind.”

I can’t help but laugh because it’s true; Dawson definitely has that effect on people. After meeting Emily, I figured she’d last one day. Looking at her, she looks pretty tough with her tattoos and piercings, but she was actually quiet and reserved. Then she met Dawson, and I found that she could hold her own. It takes a lot to deal with Dawson; he’s a jerk, and it seems like he can’t help it but there’s no way we’d fire him or anything. He’s too talented. So mostly, we ignore him. “Dawson is always an ass. Aiden and I told you that. You just have to ignore him.”

Emily rolls her eyes and finally smiles at Katie. “Are you getting a tattoo?” She looks Katie up and down and starts clapping her hands together. “Ooooh, are you a virgin?”

Katie’s eyes get big, and she starts to stutter.

I just shake my head at Emily. “Yeah, first tattoo. We’ll be in the back,” I answer and pull a completely flabbergasted Katie next to me.

It’s only once we’re in my booth and I pat the chair for her to sit that it dawns on her. She sits on the edge of the tattoo chair, her feet dangling over the high seat. “Tattoo virgin? I didn’t even know that was a thing.” She tilts her head to the side. “I guess I should have known, I just never thought about it but...”

I grab both her hands and pull them to my chest then lean in to kiss her to stop the rambling. I’ve learned the rambling is from her nervousness, and I don’t ever want her to be nervous around me. When I have her attention, I almost pull away until her legs open wider, and I fit myself between them. Her knees grip on to my hips, and I have no choice but to deepen the kiss. Fuck, I can’t get enough of this woman.

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