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She takes a bite and with her mouth full, holds the sandwich up. “What? This?” She keeps chewing while pulling out the remainder of food in her bag. “And yes, I told you to treat it like a rebound relationship. But hell, I didn’t know you were going to fall in love with him.”

I get up because there’s no way I can sit in this chair and continue to watch her eat. Who knows what else she’s going to bring out of that bag? I get up and start to walk and get two steps before I’m reaching for the chair that’s not where I thought it was. Everything fades to black, and that’s the last thing I remember.


“Treyton, phone’s for you,” Emily screeches from the front. She can’t figure out the phone system and how to transfer a call so instead she screeches anytime she needs someone. A part of me thinks she does it because it drives Dawson mad.

I pick up the line in my booth. “This is Trey.”

“This is Jamie, Katie’s friend.”

My heart drops. “Are Katie and Lane okay? What’s happened?”

I’m already walking across the room to grab my keys.

“No, neither one of them are okay, but I hope they will be. I have Lane at the house. Katie has been sick and passed out today at work.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s at Mercy. Room 211.... if you’re not going, I need to send Craig to sit with her. I don’t want her there by herself, and she didn’t want Lane to be at the hospital.”

“I’m going... I’m leaving now.”

I run out the doors without any explanation. I make the trip to Jasper in record time and run from the parking lot all the way to the 2nd floor of the hospital to her room. The trip here, all I could think about is what if there’s something wrong with her. How could I live in a world without Katie in it? The last few weeks have been pure hell. Nothing has been right... not my life, not my art, nothing. It’s like I’ve been in a fog.

I push open the door without knocking and am shocked to see a very pale Katie lying back on white sheets. Her eyes open, and her mouth drops. “Trey. What are you doing here?”

“Jamie called me. Are you okay?” I stride toward the bed, grab her hand in mine, and hold it to my chest. I’m pretty sure I aged twenty years since Jamie called me. “Fuck, baby, I was worried sick the whole way here. I can’t lose you. Whatever it is, we’re going to get through this. Me and you... I’m going to take care of you and Lane.”

She pulls her hand back and then pulls the sheet up to cover herself. I know she’s mad, and she has every right to be. “I won’t ever leave you again, Katie. I fucked up... I know I did, but I’m lost without you. I feel like I can’t breathe without you.”

She blinks but doesn’t say anything. At least she’s not kicking me out of here. “Have you seen the doctor? Did they say what’s wrong?”

She still doesn’t say anything, but her face softens as she looks at me. I push my free hand through my hair. The look she’s giving me is pure torture. Why is she not answering me? I automatically start to think the worst. “Tell me what they said,” I demand, preparing myself for the worst.

She looks straight into my eyes. “I’m pregnant.”

The pain in my chest is instant. Just the thought of her with another man is enough to make me want to kill someone. I take a deep breath. And then another one. I want to ask her if it’s Craig’s. It was always obvious by the way he was always there and trying to control her that he still wanted Katie. But she wouldn’t have cheated on you, dummy. Fuck, we never talked about being exclusive or anything. It had to be before me. My mind is whirling, but none of it matters... I can’t let her go, not again.

I clench the railing of the bed with both hands. “Are you and Craig getting back together?” I feel I have to ask even though I know the answer. There’s no way I’m going to let her go back to her cheating ex. I may have fucked up, but I’d never cheat on her. But I still need to know what she’s thinking.

Her forehead creases in disgust, and she almost spits the words at me. “No, we’re not getting back together.”

I sigh. Okay, I can do this. I love Katie, I love Lane. I can raise another man’s child. I can do anything as long as I’m with Katie. “Okay.”

She lifts her eyebrows. “Okay? What does okay mean?”

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