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“Yeah. Upstairs in my bathroom closet. You okay to go get them on your own, scaredy cat?”

“I’m not scared. I just don’t exactly like the dark when it’s storming.”

“I bet we don’t even lose power but help yourself.”

“I will.” I shoot him a dirty look as he continues prepping the chicken, dashing it with different herbs and spices, ignoring my presence. I start up the stairs and thunder roars again and the house freaking shakes. It feels like it is right on top of us and the sun has completely disappeared. It’s purple outside. I keep to my task though. East is downstairs I know there is nothing to be afraid of truly.

I rush to the bathroom and fling the closet open. I pull down a few baskets, but neither of them have the candles I am looking for. These hold his razors and manscaping junk. I shove them back in place and bend down. Thunder rumbles louder then lightning cracks across the heavens and there’s this loud boom that sounds like an explosion as the lights go out.

Chill bumps fan up and down my arms. I still haven’t found his damn candles.

“East, what was that?”

“Not sure,” he calls up the stairs, his voice drifting closer. I hear him at the top of the stairs, and he shines the flashlight on his cell phone in my direction. “Did you find the candles?”


“Can you see?”


“Where’s your phone?”

“In your truck.”

“Well c’m

ere, and I’ll call the electric company.”

“Okay.” I stumble forward and he catches me.

“Easy, Lady.”

“You didn’t call me little,” I point out.

“Guess I didn’t. Here.” He guides me to the couch that takes up most of his Tv area by his bedroom. The same couch where I caught him watching porn. I wonder if he’s remembering that night too. If he is, he isn’t mentioning it.

He sinks down on the couch next to me, his hand curves to my kneecap. I wrap my hand around his thick arm and lean into him, laying my head on his shoulder. He doesn’t push me away as he lifts his phone to his ear.

He sits on hold for what seems like forever. I stroke my fingers up and down his arm when he finally gets an operator on the line. They inform him that lightning struck a transformer and it could be days before they can get out here with a new one.

“Sorry about dinner.”

“You can owe me one.”

“I’ll make it up to you before you leave for college.”

“I’m going to hold you to it.”

“I should probably get you home. Your mom’s gonna wonder where you are, and I’m sure you’d rather go hang with your friends than sit in the dark with an old man.”

“East.” I suck in a breath and stop him when he goes to get up. “I want to stay.”

“Wylla Mae.” I can see his head shake slightly. His cell phone powers off and he curses under his breath. “I need to find the damn candles.”

I reach for his hand and find his firm bicep. “Do you remember that night.” I know I don’t need to tell him which one.

He tenses up but doesn’t pull away from me. “Don’t go there.”

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