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Lips fused together we kiss for a long time. Him stroking my sides but not touching me anywhere else. If he doesn’t do something else soon, I may combust.

“East…you’re making me crazy.”

“That’s the idea.” Dipping his head down he captures my nipple between those torturous lips and sucks. My back bows up off the bed. His gaze meets mine, tongue snaking out and swirling over my hardened peak. Repeating the action with the other he continues his torture. I’m soaked between my thighs.

Gripping the sheets, I thrash my legs, pressure is building in my core and he hasn’t even touched me anywhere else yet. East is killing me softly and slowly. Just when I think I can’t take anymore he drags his tongue down the center of my body and kisses my navel as he slides my panties down my thighs.

“You still a virgin, Wylla Mae? Did you save that sweet cherry for me?”

“Yes,” I hiss, and I’m rewarded with his beautiful smile.

East spreads my thighs and settles between them, nose pressed to my most intimate area, inhaling me deeply. Thumb rubbing my clit, his fingers slide through my silken heat. “So wet for me, baby.”

“Mhmm,” I moan, needing him to take me all the way. “Take me, East. I’m yours.”

“Yeah, Lady, you’re all mine.” His mouth caps over me, tongue flattened, licking me from clit to ass. Oh god it’s even better than I ever imagined. I’m floating, drifting in a trance where nothing exists but East and me as he French kisses my pussy.

Chapter 11


I’m going to hell. I’m waiting for the devil to come for me any minute now. I don’t deserve this sweet creature naked in my bed. I should have said no. Should have driven her straight home but even the strongest of men can break and Wylla Mae is my kryptonite. Her sweet curves and doe eyes. Her body was made to tempt me. I’ve bitten the forbidden fruit, tasted sin, and fallen into the depths of hell. There’s no coming back for me. I can’t stop touching and kissing her beautiful body. I don’t think there’s ever been a woman I’ve wanted more. The love for me in her eyes hurts to see, because I know that after tonight, I can’t be near her again. I’ll have to let her go, but we’ll both have this night to hold on to. To remind us that for one night—time and space froze, and she was mine.

I’ll love her till I die.

Crave her.

Ache for her.

So tonight I’ll worship her the way she deserves. Show her how deep my love flows. Her fingernails rake down my back, scratching me deep enough to leave a mark. I want her to scar me. To leave me a reminder that she thought I was good enough to deserve her.

She gazes up at me with such adoration I can’t breathe. The sweet sounds she makes when I touch her are etched in my brain. There’s never been anything better than her and there never will be again. My Lady comes alive for me. Flexing those hips up to rub against me as I take my time kissing that mouth that tortures me with every breath she takes. Wylla Mae is fuckin’ soaked for me. Tongue deep in her mouth, tasting of her pussy, I push a finger in her sweet heat and fuck me she is so damn tight I worry about hurting her, but she mewls and begs for more.

Christ. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. My cock is so fuckin’ hard it might just break. Wylla Mae goes for the button on my jeans and this time I don’t stop her. I couldn’t if I tried.

She’s in my veins and I’ll never be able to bleed her out.

Adding a second finger, I work her pretty pink pussy, stretching her to take my big dick. I’m not a proud man, but I know I’m well endowed. This being her first time, I know it’s going to hurt like hell, but I’ll take her pain and give her all of me. I’m selfish. I’ll take whatever she wants to give me. Her walls clench tight around my fingers, and I know she’s so damn close, but the only way she is getting off is with my cock buried deep inside her.

Removing my fingers, I replace them with the head of my cock, rubbing it back and forth along her pussy lips, teasing at what I want. Her juices coat me, and I know she’s ready. I guide the tip in, and she lets out a gasp. I tap her knee. “Spread your legs wider, baby.”

“I can’t, East.”

“Yeah you can.” I ease further in and she whimpers. “I know it hurts.” Her pussy lips stretch over the head of my dick and I push in harder and deeper until I’m fully seated inside her. I kiss her on the mouth and hold her still, waiting for her body to fully accept me and there it is. Her legs fall to either side and I pull out and go back in slow and easy. “How’s that feel, Wylla Mae?”

“Intense. Full, but good.”

I smile and I kiss her again. “I’m gonna start moving.”

“Okay.” She bites her lower lip, and I flex my hips in a circular motion going deeper and harder with every thrust. Sweat drips down my back and her ankles cross at my ass holding me to her. Chest to chest. Mouth to mouth. My girl shudders beneath me, and I drive into her while squeezing her ass. “East?”


“I love you.”

I freeze, not sure if I should tell her how I feel. I know she deserves to hear it. This may be the sole time I get to tell her. “Wylla Mae, I love you. More than you’ll ever know.” I love her enough to let her go. It’ll kill me, but I’ll do it because it’s the best thing for her. Shit is getting bad around here again, and I’d rather see her safe and away at school doing something with her life instead of getting caught up in the bullshit and being in danger because she’s associated with me. That and I know if she stays, I’ll never let her leave. I’ll tie her to me in every way possible even though she deserves better.

I press my lips to hers, and she kisses me hard and wet. She was a virgin but Wylla Mae is fuckin’ perfect. Responsive to my every touch. I want her on top ridin’ me when she orgasms. I pull out and go to my back. “C’mere, baby. Ride your cock.”

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