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“Hmmm. Hot sex with an old man or go home to my pissed off mother…let me think about that.”

“Don’t be a brat.”

“Why, you gonna spank me?”

“If you’re into it then bend over my knee.” Fucking hell, she calls my bluff and stretches over my lap, her smooth bare bottom on display. Getting a handful of her thick ass, I squeeze. “Want me to spank you, baby?”

“I want you to do whatever you want.”

Motherfucker. I should make her get dressed while I clear the driveway but as long as that tree is there we’re stuck here, and I don’t have to face reality. I can pretend a little bit longer that this is my life now and she belongs to me.

I brush her hair back from her face and tease at the seam of her ass. I’m already hard at the thought of her sweet pussy stretching all around me once more. Wylla Mae pushes up and shifts to straddle my lap. Her gaze pierces through me. “I want you, East.”

“I’m all yours, baby. All yours.” I snake a hand up the back of the shirt she’s wearing and tease my thumb along the base of her spine.

“Then take off your pants, East.”

Chapter 12


I’m a no-good bastard. I’ve been sneaking around with Wylla Mae, burying my cock in her every second I get. I can’t get enough of her sweet pussy. I’m fucking addicted.

I grin down, stroking her jaw. She’s on her knees taking my cock between her lips. Sucking me hard and deep. “Fuck, baby,” I let out a hiss and grab the back of her head guiding the pace, nearly gagging her. “Keep working that mouth like that and I’m gonna come.”

Tears gather in the corners of her eyes and she lets out a moan like she wants to argue.

“Want me coming in that pussy, don’t you?” The corner of her mouth twitches and I pull out.

I bring her to standing and order her to bend over the kitchen table. I line right up with her sweet heat and slam inside her. “That’s it, take it,” I growl, bending down to tease her hardening nipple with my fingers as I bite at her neck. My weight presses down on her but that fine ass pushes back against me. My dirty girl loves to be fucked rough. “Your pussy curves to my dick, baby.” I pull out and tease at her forbidden entrance. “Maybe I’ll fuck you here.” The way she shudders against me tells me that we’ll definitely have to work up to it. I slide my cock back in her pussy and shove my finger in her mouth. She gets it good and wet. With my dick pumping in and out of her at a leisurely pace, I slip the tip of my finger in her asshole. Her back bows and she nearly raises us both up from the counter. “Easy.” I kiss the back of her neck. “Stop tensing up and go with it.”

It takes a few more tries but by the fourth time of me sliding my finger in she takes me knuckle deep and starts rocking back against me faster and faster fucking herself on my finger and my cock. Damn she’s doing all the work. Her muscles clench and she writhes beneath me. “So close,” she pants the words out. I remove my finger from the equation and grip her hips, taking over. I draw out and glide back in easily she is so fucking wet for me. She’s fuckin’ gushing.

“Come for your man, Wylla Mae.”

“East,” she cries out my name, and I her liquid fire practically fucking squirts. The sensation is enough to get me off too. Her body twitches along with mine, and I lean forward to kiss her needing to taste that mouth.

A knock at my front door sends us both into a panic. “East. Open up.”

Wylla’s eyes go big right along with mine. It’s fucking Alexa. She never comes to my place. Not for years. Not since we had our thing.

Fucking fuck. My come is running down Wylla Mae’s thighs and it smells like sex in here. “Go upstairs.”

She does as she’s told, and I pull on my pants and look around for evidence of Wylla Mae’s being here.

“I know you’re in there.” Alexa bangs louder.

“Christ, I’m coming. Calm down.”

I snag Wylla Mae’s panties off the couch and shove her sundress down in the cushions wondering where in the hell her bra went. Fuck it. I don’t owe Alexa shit. I open the door and close it behind me as I step out on the porch. I fold my arms over my chest. “Whatcha you doing here?”

“We need to talk.”

“What about?”

“Where’s Wylla Mae?”

“What makes you think I’d know?”

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