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“Who says I want to visit,” I tease.

He ignores my jab. “Insurance is paid up for the next year. I put you on my policy. I already worked it out with Alexa. She was fine with it.”

“I’m sure she was, but, East, the money…the car. I…it’s a lot.”

“It is but you deserve it. You made good grades and worked your ass off for your scholarships. I’m damn proud of you. I don’t want you to struggle or stress about paying for your books or being able to buy whatever it is you need. There’s just one more thing.”

“No. No more. For all I know you’ll give me a house next. You’ve got to stop this.”

“I promised you something a few years ago.”

“My first tattoo.” I smile. “I figured you had forgotten or that Mom had put her foot down for once.”

“I planned on

taking you last night after dinner, but plans changed.”

My cheeks bloom pink remembering all the things he did to me. The places he had his mouth. “I suppose they did.”

“Finish up your food and we’ll go for a drive.”

“Does my mom know you’re taking me for a tattoo?”

“What’s one more secret between friends.” He winks at me.

“You know she’s going to kill us both.”

“Not me. I’ll be gone by the time she sees it. I ride out soon on club business. Just waiting for my marching orders.”

“Well that’s great for you. Who’s going to protect me from her wrath?”

“Fine. We’ll tell her together.”

“Hmm, you’re feeling brave today,” I muse.

“Just happy.”

“Happy is good.” I shovel a forkful of pancakes into my mouth and chase it with my orange juice. East sips his coffee. I finish off my drink while he pays our check.

I pull out my phone. I have another text from my mom.

Mom- Where are you?

Me- Getting breakfast with East and getting my graduation present.

Mom- Okay. I drove by his place. I thought we could do something together since it’s my day off, but we have the summer. I’ll be at Steve’s if you need to reach me. I’ll probably stay over but if you want me home…

Me- That’s fine. I’ll go over to Andi’s. I feel bad for not getting to hang out with her last night, but I didn’t want to be around Darin and that whole scene. Love you.

Me- Hey, I need a huge favor. If my mom contacts you later, I’m there but asleep and turned my phone off because of Darin. Please do this for me.

Andi- You know I always got your back, but where are you really?

Me- I’ll come over in the morning and tell you everything. I promise.

Andi- Okay. Did you and Darin seriously break up? He was making out with Randa last night. He was majorly drunk though.

Me- Yeah. It’s okay.

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