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Wylla Mae goes to her feet, fingers fumbling with the buttons on her shorts. They fall to the floor with her panties. She steps out of them and climbs into my lap, sinking down on my cock. Her mouth meets mine hot and needy. Her greedy cunt squeezes me tight as she grinds down on me seeking her release.

“I’m gonna come, East.”

I grab her hips forcing her to stop moving. “Not yet.” I rock her hips, guiding the pace much slower.

“I can’t…I gotta.” I cut her off with another kiss and thrust up hard inside her. She tries to move but I hold her in place. “East, please.”

I move slightly and she moans, barely hanging on by a thread. So fuckin’ wet and tight.

“Now,” I tell her, and we get off together.

I hold her to me, not letting her go just yet. I’m a selfish dirty bastard cause part of me hopes she somehow will get pregnant if I fuck her enough times.

Wylla Mae raises up, my spunk leaking down her thighs. Fuck me if it isn’t a pretty sight.

“You know…if you don’t want to worry about kids then you should stop coming in me.”

“You’re on t

he pill so it doesn’t matter.”

Her thumb goes to her mouth and she chews on her nail.

“You’re on the pill. I drove you myself.”

“I stopped taking the shot because it had me gaining weight last year and Darin and I were never gonna…are you mad?”

“I’m not happy, but no I’m not mad at you. I wish you’d told me, but I assumed shit. I definitely should have asked.”

I pause the movie while she retreats to the bathroom. Pulling my pants up, I go downstairs to get another beer and smoke a cigarette, but what I actually need is a joint. By the time I go back up Wylla Mae has her shorts back on and is grabbing her bag.

“What are you doing?”

“Going home. I told you.”

“Think I told you I wanted you to stay.”

“You’re not the boss of me and Mom has been texting being all nosy and weird.”

“Tell her you’re a big girl.”

“Ha. Real funny, East.”

“You could just move in with me till you leave for school.”

Her eyes roll. “Because that wouldn’t be suspicious.”

“Don’t be sassy.”

“I’ll text you later.”

“Hmm.” I grunt. “Won’t be able to sleep good with you gone.”

“You’ve survived the past thirty-eight years just fine. You’re a big boy.” She smirks, hoisting the strap up on her shoulder.


“Are you asking me or telling me?”

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