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“I’m the best…out of all the women you’ve been with?”

“No comparison. Your pussy was made for me. Your body and most importantly your heart, were created to be loved and worshipped by one man and that’s me. If I could change one thing it’d only be that you were born twenty years earlier so I could have met you sooner and made you mine.”

“That’s deep.”

“My love for you runs deeper than the bottom of the deep blue sea, baby. I love you more than you know, but I’m going to prove it. Every damn day. Rest of my life I’m going to make it up to you.”

She goes quiet and I know I need to make things right for her. She needs to know Lynn will never come between us.

I find what I’m searching for in my bag and hold the box behind my back. Never thought I’d see the day I’d get on my knees for a woman, but she’s not any woman. No one could ever come close to comparison. Since I made the choice to stop denying myself of her, I’ve not looked at another woman. Not had any desire nor any need to. My Lady is all I need. I don’t know what Lynn expected when she showed up a few days ago claiming she’s having my kid. I told her I want a DNA test. We’ve not been together since I’ve been with Wylla Mae. The timing is bad, but if the kid is mine, I’ll do right by him or her. She says she hasn’t found out the sex of the baby yet. Says she wants it to be a surprise. Told her I’d help pay for her doctor’s visits and if the kid’s mine I’ll handle the hospital bill. What I won’t do is pretend I love her. She always knew the score with me. I was never gonna make her my Old Lady. She was a place filler. It was never about love between us. Was simply passing time. Maybe that makes me a bastard, but I never claimed to be admirable.


“I gotta pee.”

“Get over here goddamn it.”

She gives me a funny look but takes the five steps that separate us. “Why are you being all weird?”

“You’re weird. Stand right there.” I nudge her back a step.

“What are you doing?”

“Shh.” I take a deep breath. “No sit there on the edge of the bed.”

“East. What is it?”

Fucking hell, I’ve never done this. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I just know that I want Wylla Mae to be mine in every way possible. “I think I loved you long before I ever met you.” I’m rewarded with her cheeks turning pink. I drop down on one knee.

“Honey, what are—”

I push a finger to her mouth. “As I was saying.” I grin at her. Her doe eyes are big and round, unshed tears glittering in the creases. “I never thought I’d meet someone who’d make me want to settle down, but since the day we met there’s been a connection between us. One I couldn’t explain. One I wouldn’t allow myself to feel for a long time, but I can’t fight nature. I can’t hide the way I feel when I’m with you. Baby, you complete me in ways I never thought possible. I don’t want to go another damn day without you by my side where you belong. Every man needs an exceptional woman and for me that’s you. It’s always been you. I just had to wait for you to catch up to me. I want to bind you to me in every way possible. I’m a selfish bastard, but I promise I’ll always be true to you.”

I produce the black box I had behind my back. “I love you, Wylla Mae Neville. I’m not asking, I’m telling you I’m going to marry you tomorrow.”

“East.” Tears stream down her cheeks. Her mouth claims mine before I can open the box. Wylla Mae throws her arms around me and knocks me on my ass. She pulls back with the cutest smirk on her face. “You honestly wanna marry me?”

“You not been listening?” I chuckle.

“I hear you. Tomorrow?” Her brow shoots up.

“Yeah.” I shift and open the box. “Had this special made for you.”

Her eyes light up taking in the intricate detail on the silver band. It’s diamond encrusted with sunflowers weaved around the yellow diamond in the center. “East, it’s perfect. You’re too good to me. I don’t deserve you.”

“I’m the lucky one.” I slide the ring on her finger.

Wylla Mae holds her hand up studying the way it looks. Her lips stretch into a brilliant smile. “I love it.”

“Good.” I capture that tempting mouth, kissing her soft and slow, drinking her in, intoxicated by Wylla Mae’s happiness. We don’t bother moving to the bed. I roll my girl over and take her right on the floor in front of the fireplace. Roaming her curves, I take my time, tasting and teasing every inch of her body.

My woman’s fingers slide along my neck, tracing the pattern of the ink there. “I love all your ink.”

“I’ve got plenty of it for you to explore.”

Her fingers drift to my chest. “I especially love this one. She taps the sunflower tattoo with her name on the petal.

“Partial to that one myself.” I roll my hips, pressing my dick against her sweet heat. My blood pulses through my veins, heartbeat hammering in my ears. The heat of the fire licks against my back as I guide my way home, rooting myself deep between Wylla Mae’s thighs. Her body rises to meet mine. Our mouths meet briefly, her breath fanning over my lips. I love the sounds she makes. I love the way her fingers bite into my skin when I stroke hard and deep. Nothing better than her sweet pussy squeezing my dick, her walls clenching tight around me.

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