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“Did you know him well?”

“Nickel?” Something flashes behind her eyes.

“Yeah. I feel like I watched him die I should know something the man. What was he like?”

Pam snorts. “He’s a womanizer with a drinking problem. Yeah, I knew Nickel all too well.” I don’t miss the quick movement of her thumb wiping under her eye as though she is wiping away a tear. “Doesn’t matter. Good or bad. He’s gone from here.” This far off look crosses her face. Is he the guy she cheated on her husband with? The blank expression I see sliding into place over her features tells me he most definitely was.

The prospect who is watching the door starts sprinting toward where East and the brothers disappeared to. “Five-o,” he cups his hands around his mouth shouting that the police are here.

Red and blue flashing lights fill the window, dancing in the snow. Pam squeezes my hand. “Congratulations about the baby. And between us, Lynn is shit and probably lying to cling onto East. He never loved her. We all know that. She does too. So, fuck her. Be happy with your man. She’s a cunt and knows East is the kind of man who steps up to do what a man should. He ain’t the kind of man who sweeps his kid to the side and pretends she ain’t his. But I will say this. Murder may have been a crap dad. You can feel however you want about him, but he’s always watching out for you from afar. Why do you think he gave you East? He knew that man would take care of you. I’m sure this wasn’t his plan but still he did you right the day he gave you Easton Reed. If it’s any consolation to you, I’m sorry for what I said back then. It was wrong of me.”

The police fill the doorway and Pam shoots out of her seat to greet them as Samara goes to the kitchen and returns with coffee. I stay in my seat as Pam talks and the rest of the brothers start coming from the back. The

y were gone maybe ten minutes after Murder dialed it in.

East comes up behind me and gives my neck a squeeze. “You okay, baby?”

“There’s a dead guy on the bar.”

“Yeah, Nickel was always getting into shit. Liked pussy and gambling. Loved the man but he was no damn stranger to trouble. Not surprised he met his end but damn sure fucking sucks. Nickel had him a married woman. She liked the thrill of fucking a biker behind her man’s back. Nickel liked her purse and the casino.”

“I see. So, the husband probably found out and shot him.”

“That’s our guess. We gotta stick around to answer questions. Will take some time. They’ll want to question everyone here.” I nod and he takes up the seat next to mine. “You get now why I said you were too good for this life? Never wanted this shit to touch you and now look.”

“East…I know what I signed on for.”

“Christ, I don’t deserve you.”

“Stop selling yourself short, honey.” I lean into him and kiss his jaw continuing to watch the snow fall through the window. “Road will be slick.”

“Think you’d be okay sleeping upstairs tonight?”

“Long as your next to me, I can sleep anywhere.” It’s not like I have never spent the night here. I did a few times as a kid. Slept in East’s bed. Only now we’ll be sleeping in it together as husband and wife.

A detective comes over and stops in front of us, blocking my view of the snow. “I’m Detective Masters. You can call me Justice if you prefer.” I can’t hide my grin. A detective named Justice. His parents sure had him set up for that.

“I’m East and this here is my Old Lady, Wylla Mae.”

The tall man with a square jaw and piercing blue eyes narrows his gaze on me. If I had to guess I’d say he’s young but in his late twenties, fast tracked to detective. “How old are you?”


His jaw ticks as he shoots East a dirty look. “And you?”

“What’s this have to do with your investigation? My brother is being zipped into a body bag, so what’s the age of my wife and me got to do with that?”

“You’re right it doesn’t. Where were you two tonight?”

“Arrived here about three hours ago. Had me a few beers was getting ready to take my woman home when Nickel fell through the front door.”

“When was the last time you spoke to him?”

“Last week.”

“He have any enemies?”

East lets out a snort. “Had a taste for married women and gambling. You tell me how long you think the list is.”

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