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I hear the front door open behind me. “East.”

“Back inside, baby. Lynn was just leaving.”

“He’ll get tired of you. Once the baby comes, he’ll toss you aside and come back to me. You’ll see.” Lynn backs away. Her voice lowers. “You’ll come back to me.”

I shake my head. Arguing with her isn’t worth the effort. Crazy fucking cunt. I tried being a nice guy. I can see now that isn’t going to work.

“Don’t come around here no more. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to hear you. Don’t call. Don’t text. I’ll have my lawyer contact you from here on out.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Lynn, it’s time for you to go. East made himself clear.” Wylla Mae lifts my arm over her shoulder and tucks into my side. “Don’t turn him against you by forcing his hand.”

“Fuck you. Go play with some building blocks and let the adults talk.”

Wylla Mae goes to open her mouth but I stop her. “Don’t disrespect the mother of my child. Wylla Mae is my wife and having my baby so you speak to my Old Lady ever again it’ll be with respect.”

Lynn physically jerks as though I have smacked her. “She’s pregnant? Is that why you married her?”

“Don’t owe you no explanations, but no. Married her cause’ she’s the love of my life. Her having my baby is a precious gift. I know that it hurts to hear, but you need to know there is no chance in hell of there ever being anything between us but a custody arrangement and child support. Nothing more.”

“Why her? Why don’t you love us?” Her hand moves to the curve of her belly. “I’m giving you a son.”

That’s news to me. She said she wanted to be surprised at the birth. “Maybe so but it changes nothing between us. One day I hope you find a man who appreciates what you got but it’s never gonna be me.”

Her head drops at my words. “I’ll go.”

“You do that.”

Wylla Mae and I watch her back her car out of the driveway. “She’ll be back,” my wife whispers and fuck if she isn’t right and I wish she wasn’t.

“C’mon. Let’s go pick up our dinner.” I lock the front door and Wylla Mae waits by the passenger side of my cage for me. “Tomorrow I’m calling Xenon to install an alarm system and change the locks. Not taking any chances with that bitch.” He’s in town out of the Tonopah, Nevada chapter of the club. Brother is an IT genius. After the shit with Nickle Murder called him in to upgrade our security at the Devil’s Playground.

“You think she’d break in?”

“Who knows what she’ll do. All I know is I don’t trust her not to be stupid.” I unlock her door and open it. Maybe Murder had the right idea about sending Lynn away.

Chapter 24

Wylla Mae

Rolling over, I find the other side of the bed empty and cold. I pause and listen for East, but the house is quiet. I slip out of bed and go into the bathroom and get my day started. I had my finals last week. East doesn’t want me to take the next semester off. He says he will rent us an apartment if needed close to campus, but I will make the commute work. It’s not that long of a drive. An hour, maybe an hour and a half if there’s traffic. I don’t want to drop out, but I already know once the baby comes, I won’t want to return. I want to be home with my child. I thought I would perceive the situation differently but that was my view before East and I were married, and I knew I was pregnant. And it was before I went to pay a visit to Jules and Roane with East. We had dinner with them a few nights ago.

Their son is around a mo

nth old. I didn’t want to intrude but East said it was Jules’ idea when she found out we were expecting. She’s Pam’s younger sister and married to Roane, the guy who did my ink. He’s a club member of Royal Bastards MC too. Being at their place and holding baby Jasper, it gave me baby fever. The way East looked at me melted my insides. It’s almost Christmas and I’ve no idea what to get him. He says he has everything he ever wanted. For me, he’s paying Jules to remodel my old bedroom into a nursery. She loves to decorate, and I have no idea what I’m doing.

While we were at her and Roane’s new house, she showed off all the work she put into the place. They bought a fixer upper. Fresh paint in the kitchen, updated light fixtures and faucets in the bathrooms. New hardwood flooring. I love her style and everything she did with the place. The apartment over the tattoo shop is now her office for her interior design business she is launching once Jasper is at least five months old. Which I totally get. The kid is adorable. He has fine black hair, dark blue eyes, and the chubbiest cheeks in the world.

I’m supposed to meet her there today for lunch so we can go over some ideas for what I am thinking for a theme for the nursery. It’s starting to really set in that I’m married and having a baby. It’s crazy how my life has changed this past year since East. I never dreamed we’d be here and that he’d love me like he does.

I go through my morning routine and get dressed. My pants are a bit tight in the belly. I’m guessing I am three months or close to it. I have my first doctor’s appointment next week. Married life is pretty dang sweet outside of my husband being extremely busy cleaning up all the messes Nickel left behind and his crazy ex constantly popping up at the clubhouse. If both of us weren’t pregnant I’d be beating her ass. I know violence isn’t the answer. I do, but she won’t stop. Her calls and pop up visits are to the point that East is ready to take out a restraining order. He’s trying not to resort to that until after the baby is born and he has gotten a DNA test. I just want it over with.

Downstairs I find a note from my husband that he had to ride out early. I drink my juice and take my vitamins he insisted I start. I get out the door after resetting the alarm East had Xenon install. Sweet mother that man is tall, dark, and sexy. Pam said he’s a voyeur who is into watching anything and everything. I’ll take her word for it.

By the time I’m halfway to meet up with Jules I’m starving and send her a text that I’m hitting a drive-thru. I grab us both some greasy burgers and french fried yumminess. I have half my fries ate by the time I park. I lock my vehicle and head upstairs with my bag of takeout.

I knock on the door and wait.

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