Lady & The Biker (Royal Bastards MC: Charleston, WV 2) - Page 77

“That exchange you guys just had?”

“Club business.”

“Right. Any word on Lynn?”

“Nope. They had to take the baby. He’s fine.”

“How are you feeling about everything?”

“Just thankful you’re okay.”

“I get it if you worried about her baby, or even her, East.”

“Christ, Lady. She tried to kill you and your mom. I don’t give a damn about her. And I’ll have you know that kid ain’t mine.”

“How can you know that?”

“Because I saw him and he’s black.”

“You couldn’t have led with that first?” I can’t help but smile. “Who do you suspect the father is?”

“Fuck if I know. Not my problem.”

“Guess not.”

East leans down, dropping his mouth to mine. “Gimme’ that mouth, baby.”

I kiss my husband and peace like I’ve never felt before washes over me.

I know I’m always safe with him.

Epilogue 1


“How you doing, pretty girl?” I push Alexa’s blonde hair back from her face as she starts to stir.

Her eyes blink once, twice, three times before finally opening. “What are you doing here? What time is it?”

“It’s late, sweetheart, but I wanted to see you.”

She shifts in the hospital bed.

“Don’t move too much, you had surgery, remember?”

“I’m fine.”

“Don’t you argue with me. You know you never win.” I chuckle and she rolls those pretty green eyes at me. “Scared the hell outta me.”

“Like you’d care. You’d probably throw a party instead of a wake.”

“Take that shit back.”

She snorts. “Go home. I’m sure Ruthie is waiting up for you.”

“About that. We need to talk.”

“There is no about anything. We stopped having anything to talk about the day my daughter turned eighteen.”

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