Lady & The Biker (Royal Bastards MC: Charleston, WV 2) - Page 81

Pam and Jules told the guys this was girls only but when they found out Pam was making the cake they said no way was they not invited and shoved their way in. Roane said if East could be here so could he. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

East places a palm to my belly. “How’s my baby girl today. She been kicking a lot?” In response what feels like an elbow or knee jabs making a knot poke out on my stomach. “I take that as a yes.” My man rubs my baby bump tenderly. “Gonna be a damn sassy brat like you,” he teases.

“I’m not a brat.”

“Yeah, baby, you are. But you’re my brat.” He comes in for a kiss, but I dodge him and smear frosting on his nose. “So, it’s like that.”

“Mhmm.” I move in and lick the tip of his nose.

“Damn, do that again.”

I laugh. “Maybe later if you behave and if there’s any cake left, I’ll make myself a cake pop out of your dick.”

East suddenly jumps up and goes to the counter where the cake is and folds his arms over his chest. I follow after him. “What are you doing, honey?”

“Making sure no one eats this cake.” He grins.

“You’re crazy.”

“Only about you.”

I wrap my arms around him, and he kisses me long, hard, and deep.

God, I love this man.

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