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“Do you know how hard it makes me to know you’re smooth like this?” He cups my sex. “It’s like a little secret you hide away from everyone.” He inhales against my neck, sending shivers down my back. “You’re so wet, Val. I should help you take care of this.”

He uses two fingers to spread the lips of my sex as his index finger comes down on my clit. My hand flies up from the sink to grip his arm, and I dig my nails in it. This might be wrong, but I don’t try to pull him away; instead I think I might be holding him in place.

“Tidas,” I whimper.

I know he’s toying with me. His finger only makes small circles, and I don’t know if he’s doing it to be mean or because he doesn’t want it to be over too quickly. I would know because I feel the same way.

The second I orgasm, I know the lust will fade away and I’ll be brought back down to reality. Right now I’m enjoying this. Hell, I’m enjoying what he’s doing to my body and the way he makes me feel inside. My emotions are out of control, and I think I might like it. He’s the only one to ever make me feel this way. He’s also the only man I’ve ever actually fantasized about when I’ve found my own relief.

“Kiss me and I’ll give it to you.” I turn my head to the side without hesitation, but he doesn’t make me come all the way to him. His mouth is on mine the second it’s in reach. His neediness to get his mouth on mine only adds to the pleasure. For the first time in my life, I feel sexy.

He doesn't wait for me to part my lips but instead presses his tongue right into my mouth, taking what he wants. He dominates me so easily.

His fingers finally give me what I need as he rolls my clit between them with perfect pressure. I let go, giving him control of my body, and he takes it. I moan into his mouth as I come apart. He keeps me close, and his fingers never stop as he pulls out every bit of my orgasm. My knees give out, but he’s got me, his strong arms holding me in place.

It’s a long moment later when I catch my breath and open my eyes to see him watching me. Then, to my shock, he brings his fingers to his mouth and sucks them clean, never breaking eye contact with me. A groan rumbles from him and all I can do is swallow hard.

Before I can speak, he turns me in his arms, and his mouth comes back down onto mine. This time, the kiss is slow and easy, and I can taste a hint of myself on his lips as he lifts me in his arms. My arms and legs wrap around him as he carries me toward the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” I ask with a yawn when he sets me down on the bed.

“We’re going to sleep,” he says, and to my surprise, he kicks his shoes off.

“Wait.” I try to stop him, but I’m finding it hard to stop Tidas from doing anything.

“Shh.” He looks at me so sweetly as he turns off the light. “It’s just sleeping.”

A moment later, the bed dips as he climbs in. I try to scoot over, but the bed is small and it’s impossible to even put an inch between us. His big body drapes over mine, and for some reason, his heavy weight makes me feel safe. I want to protest and to tell him this was wrong, but it's nice being held. I close my eyes and reassure myself that in the morning he’ll be gone.

And when that happens, it won’t hurt.

Chapter Eight


When I get to the front counter of the Sweet Spot, the woman behind the counter smiles politely at me. “Good morning,” she says as I check the cooler.

“I’ll take all the chocolate croissants.” I go to pull out my wallet, and she hesitates.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll have to leave one back. We have a customer that comes in every morning to get one, and yesterday I forgot to save her one.” She shrugs. “I’m sure you understand.”

“It’s okay. I know it’s for Valerie, and I’ll make sure she gets it.”

The baker looks at me and then at the cooler and hesitates. “I’d really rather make sure she gets it this time.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure—”

“He’s good to take them all, Claire,” someone says from behind me, and when I turn around I see one of the ladies that was in the bridal shop yesterday.

“Thanks,” I say and check to make sure Claire is putting all of them in the box.

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