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Chapter Twelve


Reluctantly I pull her dress down to cover her ass because if I keep looking at it, I’ll want her again, and the next time my cock is between her legs, I want it to be in my bed. After that, I stuff my cock back in my jeans, but it’s still just as hard and demanding as it was while I was eating her pussy.

“Time to see the bedroom.” She makes a sleepy squeak as I throw her over my shoulder and grab some bottled water from the fridge.

“Is the caveman routine still necessary? I’m pretty agreeable right now.”

“Can’t take any chances.” I turn my face and bite her hip. She giggles, and the sight of her ass moving has me groaning.

I don’t think her feet have touched the floor since she’s been here, but carrying her over the threshold was intentional. Maybe she didn’t realize it, but I’ve made my claim, and this is a done deal. Valerie is mine forever.

“As good as I feel right now, I’m not going to argue.”

“So that’s all it takes?” I ask as I climb the stairs. “Three orgasms and a finger in your ass?”

“Tidas!” She slaps my ass, and I grin.

“I like it better when you scream my name while my tongue is in your pussy.”

“Oh my god, you are so crass.”

“You like it.” When I enter the primary bedroom, I place the water on the bedside table. “Shower or bed?”

“Shower,” she says, and I nod.

“Right answer.” I carry her into the bathroom and finally place her on her bare feet, looking down at her. I cup her cheek and smile softly as I lean down and give her a small kiss on her lips. It’s not as rushed as it was before, but damn, I just needed to do it. “God, you’re sweet.”

“You keep saying things like that, and I’ll start to think you’re a nice guy.”

My smile turns cocky as I shake my head and turn on the shower. “We’ll see about that.” After the water is on and warming up, I pull off my shirt and then go for my jeans. After I kick them off along with my boxers, she stands there staring at me with wide eyes. “What?”

“Nothing.” She looks at my naked body, slowly moving her eyes up and down. “You’re just, I don’t know, hot.”

Ignoring her compliment, I step close and grab the edge of her dress. “Take this thing off.” Without waiting for her to comply, I pull the whole thing off of her in one quick tug. Some of the stitching pops, and I secretly hope I ripped it so badly that she can’t wear it ever again.

“So aggressive.” She shakes her head at me.

I reach around her back and undo her silky black bra and let it fall to the floor to join the rest of the clothes. Although we’ve done a lot, this is the first time I’m seeing her fully naked, and fuck me, she is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

“Thank you,” she says softly, and I realize I said it out loud.

“Come here.” I pull her flush against my body as I walk both of us into the shower.

My cock nestles against her soft belly as I kiss her and the warm water spreads over us. Cupping her breasts, I move my mouth down her neck in a path to her nipples, and when I reach one, she moans. She’s full and heavy in my hands as I love on her tits and rub them against my face. Without realizing it, I’ve pulled her in my arms and lifted her off the ground. Her back is against the cool tile as I move from one nipple to the other.

Her wet heat is rubbing against the tip of my dick, and although this wasn’t the exact place I pictured for our first time, I can’t wait anymore.

“I need you, babe.” I kiss my way back up to her neck as she tightens her arms and legs around me. “I need you just like this.” My eyes lock with hers, and I see hesitation there. “You know I’ll take care of you if anything happens.” I nudge a little more against her opening. “Just let me have you without anything. I can pull out if you want me to.”

She bites her bottom lip and rocks her hips forward as she gives me a little nod. “Okay,” she finally says, and if it’s possible, my cock gets harder.

Gripping her ass tighter, I push my cock in another inch and bury my face in her neck. She’s so fucking tight and hot, I know once I’m in, I won’t last. I’ve never done it without a condom, and even without being inside her, this is already the best sex of my life.

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