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“More.” She raises her hips, trying to take more, and I smile against her.

“So bossy.” I slide my wet thumb to her ass and rub over her tight little bud while I lick her clit.

“Shit.” She grips my hair and I know she’s so lost in pleasure she’s not thinking of anything else but me.

That makes me so fucking hard, and I lick faster, desperate for her release. She’s right at the edge, and just when I press my thumb into her, she gives it to me. Her sweet cries of pleasure make me grunt as she rides my mouth.

“Get on my dick.” I pull down the front of my sweats and let my hard cock spill free as I pull her off the chair. She barely has time to catch her breath as she straddles me, and I thrust into her. “Fuck, that’s it.”

I’m on the floor with my knees spread wide, and she’s got her legs on either side of me. I sit on my feet and bounce her up and down, her wet pussy still pulsing from her orgasm.

“How do you keep getting tighter?” I clench my jaw. “It’s like I can’t break you in no matter how many times I try.”

“Tidas, that's so dirty.” Her arms wrap around my neck, and I bite the top of her breast.

“You love it.” I look down and see my teeth mark on her cleavage and thrust into her harder. “That’s what you get for giving me that cherry.”

“You can’t say that,” she moans, and I feel her pussy clench around me.

“Yes I can.” I lick my lips. “You know I love that this pussy has only had my cum.”

“You’re filthy.” Her eyes meet mine, and then she kisses me like she needs it to survive. I can’t help but smile as I feel her body tense, and then she climaxes all over my cock.

“Good girl,” I say, slowly moving her up and down so it draws out her pleasure. “Look at how pretty you are with my cock in you.”

“Oh god,” she moans and keeps going.

Then it’s my turn to lose myself and fall over the edge with her. My hard cock is covered in our need, and even when I’m finished, I don’t let her go. I kiss her neck, her cheek, her lips, anything my mouth can reach.

“Just call me Tidas next time. God seems so formal.”

Chapter Fifteen


I lift my head, expecting to see Tidas when the bell on the front door of my shop chimes. Instead Gracie comes gliding through, and I notice her delivery truck parked out front.

“Lunch?” she asks, and I don’t know how she manages to make her work overalls look so adorable.

“I think I have lunch plans.” I reach for my phone to check my text. “Or not.” I try to hide my disappointment that Tidas just cancelled on me.

Over the last week he’s been a lot busier. Though I only have the week before to judge this behavior on. We’ve spent almost every second together since then, with both of us leaving work earlier than usual and always sleeping over at his place. Could the honeymoon be over already?

“Let’s go to the diner then. You know meatloaf day is my favorite.”

“Sure,” I laugh. I close out the tabs on my computer before going to grab my purse. Gracie follows me into the back.

“Ohhh. Why do you have your dress out?” Gracie runs her fingers across the top of the wedding dress.

“It’s not my dress. Anyone can buy it.”

“Okay, how much?” she challenges, putting her hands on her hips to call my bluff.

“I don’t know. I’m still messing with it.” I chew on my bottom lip.

“Sure you are.” She rolls her eyes dramatically.

“I am. I think I’m going to enter it into the Fall Festival. Might be a good promotion for the shop.” I shrug.

Plus, I do love wearing it. I have a small obsession with the dress, but it’s been growing worse with each night I spend in Tidas’s bed. I’m starting to have all kinds of ideas. Ones that I think will send him running.

“Oh, the dress thing? I heard about that. It’s a cute tradition. You and Tidas are really going all out for the Festival.” She nudges me with her elbow. “You two make a good team.”

“We actually do,” I admit. The man drives me crazy at times, but he also balances me and pushes me out of my comfort zone.

“Has he seen the dress?”

I shake my head. “Why would I show him the dress?”

“He’s always over here. I just thought maybe you had.”

“Let's go get food.” I change the subject as I grab my purse.

“How are things going with you two?” she asks while I turn the sign on the door that says I’ll be back in an hour. Not that it matters because I don’t have many people coming and going from the shop. It’s mainly appointments, but I lock the door anyway.

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