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“Where are you off to?” An arm wraps around my waist, and I smile. My feet leave the ground as Tidas pulls me back between two tents to give us some privacy.

“I was looking for you.” I turn in his arms. “You’ve been busy.”

“You like it?” His brows pull together as he waits for me to answer.

“I love it, Tidas. You did amazing.” A smile lights up his face at my approval. If I wasn’t already in love with him, that would have sent me right over. In all of Tidas’s cocky confidence, he cares about what I truly think of something he’s doing. How had I been so wrong about this man?

“I ran into your mom.”

“Oh no.”

What did she say to him? She’s been all over me about what’s going on between Tidas and me. I’ve been dodging her, which has been easy because she’s been away. I’m not even sure what this is. We’re together, but it’s too soon to be asking questions like that. Isn’t it? I know where I stand but I don’t want to scare Tidas off. I want this man forever.

“Relax.” He gives my ass a squeeze.

“She didn’t badger you, did she?” God knows she has been all over me trying to get information about the two of us.

“No, just said I owed her a thank you for introducing us.” I groan as I bury my face in Tidas’s chest. “I do owe her one.” He lifts me off my feet to claim my mouth.

I wrap my legs around him, my hands going to his shoulders. He doesn’t stop kissing me until I’m relaxed in his arms. For as much as Tidas can work me up, he can also calm me down too.

“I needed that.” I smile against his mouth.

“I figured. I knew you’d freak out when you heard she was asking me about grandchildren.”

“No!” I gasp. Tidas throws back his head and laughs, and the delicious sound travels through my body. I’m not sure if he’s teasing me or not. I wouldn’t put it past my mom.

“She’s looking for you.”

“Of course she is.” She got back yesterday from her trip. I actually thought she was supposed to be away until the middle of next week.

“Told her I’d find you and have you meet her at your shop.”

“My shop?”

“You need to put your dress on. My baby is going to win this contest,” he declares, making me laugh.

“You really think I should enter?”

“Hell yes. We’re winning this thing. I’ve seen your dresses. This is going to be a cakewalk for you.” He sounds so proud of me.

“Okay, I’ll enter.” I don’t know why I’m so reluctant.

I think a part of me knows if I show off the dress and enter it into the competition, then I can’t wear it again. I love that dress so much. Tidas will have seen it then, and what if he changes his mind and wants to get married one day? It would go against tradition for the groom to have seen the dress.

I reassure myself that I can make another dress. With Tidas in my life I’m sure I’ll have all kinds of inspiration. He might see me in a dress and have second thoughts about his feelings on marriage. As possessive as he can be, I think he’d want a ring on my finger as a warning to other men. I know one on his finger would look damn sexy.

“That’s my girl.” He places me back on my feet. “I’ll be waiting.” He smacks my ass, and I let out a small yelp and smack him back on the chest.

“Watch it.” I glare at him.

“I’m always watching it.” He winks at me as I turn to go.

I spot my mom and Julie outside my shop waiting for me. “Mom, you asked Tidas about grandkids?” I say when I get close enough for only her to hear me.

“Yes, that’s a great idea!” Julie agrees. “You need to do that so then we can have babies together.”

“I think y’all are getting ahead of yourselves. Tidas and I have only been dating a few weeks.” I unlock the shop and let them in.

“Wait till you see this dress, Hannah,” Julie says, ignoring my comment. “Come on.” She grabs my hand, pulling me toward the back of the store.

“Put it on, honey. I want to see,” Mom pushes. Emotions start to overwhelm me when Julie grabs the dress and brings it over to the fitting room. “Are you okay, Valerie? You’re a little pale.” Mom raises her hand to touch my forehead.

I throw my hand over my mouth before I turn and rush to the bathroom. I barely make it in time, but when I’m finished, my mom hands me a towel to wipe my mouth.

“How long did you say you and Tidas have been”—Julie holds up her fingers and does air quotes—“dating?”

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