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When I press my lips against his, I’m surprised at how full and soft they are. Donovan goes rigid and stands there in shock for a moment as I run my tongue along the seam of his mouth. He opens, and I slide my tongue against his, trying to deepen the kiss.

“Kiss me back, Donovan,” I say against his mouth, but he doesn’t.

Once again I’m wondering if I’ve pushed too hard and too fast. I start to pull back, but he suddenly moves, and the next thing I know his fingers are digging into my hair and he’s pushing me against the wall.

My feet leave the ground as he pins me there, not only kissing me back but claiming my mouth as his own.

Chapter Six


She’s so fucking soft. Reaching down, I grab her ass with both hands and lean into her, hard. I should be more careful, but I can’t stop. The need to rub against her and to claim her generous gift of a kiss is all too much.

“Gracie,” I moan as I slide one hand up her back and to the nape of her neck. I pull on her braid and make her head fall back as I sink my teeth into her neck. She whimpers when I suck on the delicate skin and then lick over the red mark I leave behind.

Her legs tighten around me, and I thrust between her thighs, rubbing the hard seam of my jeans against hers. I can feel the heat of her pussy through her clothes, and it makes me dry hump her harder.

“Donovan, don’t stop.” Her fingers pull on my hair, and I make a promise to myself to never cut it again if it means she’s got something to hold on to.

“Let me kiss you,” I say before moving my mouth down her neck. “Let me kiss you everywhere.” My hands come up to cup her breasts over her shirt, and I rub my thumbs over her nipples. The tight little buds poke against the thin material. “Right here,” I say as I pinch one and then the other.

“Yes.” She nods quickly, and I don’t hesitate.

Pushing her shirt up over her breasts, I see her pretty bra with lace along the top of the cups. It’s so innocent and clean that all I can think about is how I want to make it dirty. I yank down the front of it, and her breasts spill free from the top. Her dusky nipples are peaked, and I groan before I tilt my head to the side and latch on.

“Shit.” Hearing the curse come out of her little mouth makes me hard, and I graze my teeth over her soft skin before sucking again.

“More,” I say more to myself than Gracie as I move to her other breast and suck on that one. The whole time I’m thrusting her against the wall, and if we weren’t wearing clothes I’d be balls deep in her sticky pussy. “Are you sweet all the way down?”

I don’t bother to look up for an answer as I slowly kiss my way down her belly and then kneel in front of her. Her legs are shaky as her feet hit the floor, but I help hold her up as my hands go to the front of her jeans. Before I unbutton them, I lean forward and press my face against the front of them, inhaling her scent through her clothes.

She smells like apples, and my mouth waters. “You gonna let me eat this pie too?” This time when I look up, I see her face is flushed either from kissing or being shy. Either way, I can’t take my eyes off her. She’s beautiful like this with me on my knees and her tits out.

Gracie licks her lips and then nods as I unbutton her jeans and slowly pull them over her hips. When I feel the edge of her panties, I pull them down too, but instead of taking them all the way off, I stop when they’re at her knees. My hands go around to her ass, and I stare at her bare pussy, seeing her smooth skin dripping with need.

“Fuck, sunshine. I’m about to eat every bite of you.”

I pull her forward with my hands as I lean forward with my mouth and bury my face in her pussy. She’s warm and wet, and I don’t tease as I slide my tongue between her lips and lick. I lap at her clit like a cat with cream, and she cries out and pulls on my hair. She tastes like the first fall leaves and nights huddled by a fire. She’s stars in the sky and sunrises over the mountains. She’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and she’s all mine.

“Home,” I say as I run my tongue between her lips. “You’re my home, sunshine.”

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