Heiress and the Cowboy (Justice Book) - Page 14

“Shouldn’t you feed a girl first before you try to impregnate her?”

“Sure.” I lift her onto the bed and unzip. “Open up.”

Her eyes grow wide as I pull out my cock. The hard shaft throbs in my grip. “You want some or do you want to watch?” I pull on the flesh lightly, imagining that it’s her hand. She’s small, though, and probably couldn’t fist the entire thing. I breathe heavily through my nose.


“We’re both adults, Cam. I didn’t bring you here to play board games. I want to fuck you.” I let go and spit in my hand and then return to twist and grip my cock. Her own chest heaves as she stares unblinkingly at me working my rod over. “You said you were hungry,” I remind her. My balls are tight and high. I could spend right now all over her pretty face and her pretty clothes.

“I am,” she says throatily. Her hand shoots out to grip my wrist. “Feed me.”

My mouth dries up. I nod jerkily and grab a pillow from the bed. I toss it onto the floor and motion for her to kneel down. With my help, she clamors off the mattress and settles at my feet. Her head is back, and her eyes are bright with anticipation. I curve my palm around her chin and press a thumb against the side of her mouth. “Take it easy today. You’re not getting the whole thing in your mouth because it’s too new for you, isn’t it?” Despite her worldliness, Cam’s an innocent. I can read the apprehension mixed with curiosity in her eyes.

“Yes,” she admits.

“That’s good.” I stroke her mouth with my thumb. “You’re my first, too. I won’t last long.”

Her lips stretch wide as she tries to accommodate me. The tip makes it past her teeth to glide along the flat of her tongue. I steady the back of her head with a hand and guide her into short, shallow strokes. In all my years of fantasizing, nothing really prepared me for the real thing. Her big eyes growing wet, her mouth wide around my skin, my cock shuttling shallowly in and out of her lips, and the wet sounds of her suction drive me insane. My orgasm is torpedoing out of my body. The fuse has been lit, and the bomb is ready to explode.

I wasn’t lying when I said I wouldn’t last. She takes me in too deep and gags slightly. The friction sets me off. I withdraw so I don’t fucking choke her to death. Gripping my meat tightly, I jerk myself rapidly. Cum jets out, splashing on her cheek, her neck, and the bodice of her expensive designer dress. It streams out of me, leaving me weak-kneed but hungry. I lift her off the ground and throw her onto the bed. I splay her knees wide, throw up her skirts, and rip off the delicate panties.

“My turn,” I growl.



“Tucker!” I gasp when he buries his face between my thighs. One second I was on my knees in front of him and the next he had me on the bed with my dress flipped up and his mouth all over me.

The orgasm comes out of nowhere. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly out of nowhere considering I’ve never been so turned on in my life. No one has ever talked to me the way Tucker does. They’d never even dream of speaking to me like that. I would have their asses if they did. But that kind of talk from Tucker is one of the hottest things I’ve ever experienced.

Then there was how quickly he got off, coming all over me. I know I hear people teasing about it being over too quickly, but I loved that he was so worked up for me that he was coming within seconds. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy seeing his self-control slip away. I love that I have that effect on him. All that mixed together has me coming undone at the smallest of touches from him.

My back arches off the bed as the orgasm courses through my body. I dig my fingers into his short hair as the pleasure keeps going. I always knew it would be good with Tucker, but I never could have imagined how good.

“I can’t. Tucker!” I try to wiggle away from him as he keeps sucking on my clit. It’s too much. His only response is to growl against my clit. A delicious thrill runs across my skin.

His fingers dig into my thighs as his tongue flicks back and forth. My grip tightens on his hair to keep him in place, now scared that he’s going to take his mouth away as the sensation starts to change. He pushes me toward another orgasm.

“No!” I cry when he releases my clit from his mouth. His tongue slips down the folds of my sex before he stiffens it and thrusts it inside of me. His hands release my thighs to move to my ass. He lifts my bottom off the bed to get a better angle to push his tongue deeper inside of me.

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