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He shoots me an impish grin before hopping back onto his ride and galloping into the night. I watch his back until the night swallows him up, and then head inside to find out my fate. Cam is in the kitchen, drumming her fingers against the big marble counter.

“Something on your mind?” I walk over to the whiskey bottle and fill my glass. I might need the whole bottle, though, so I keep it close. After a few more moments of silence, I add, “I can have the bird here in 30 minutes.”

She gives me a lopsided smile. “You’re going to hate this. Windsor Harrington is marrying Luca Romano. Windsor’s a Belgium heiress whom I met a couple years ago at a regatta in Sydney. We’ve stayed in touch. She and Luca had this whirlwind courtship, and now she’s getting married in a week. She wants me to be there. In fact, she wants me to be in the wedding.”

“Then we should go.”

“We?” She blinks.

“I’m sure I have a suit around here somewhere.”

Cam’s smile becomes brilliant. She throws herself at me. “Oh, Tucker, I thought you would hate this. Because it is exactly the type of thing that you would never intentionally go to. It is a high society event. The wedding is a black-tie affair, and all the people there will be full of themselves except for Windsor and a few others, but thank you. Thank you.” She peppers kisses all over my face before breaking away to grab her phone. “We will need to go to Dallas to get a dress, and you have a tux, right? I’ll have someone pick out some resort clothes for you. This will be fun! I promise!”

I nod because if I have to say a word, she’s going to hear the lie in my voice.



“Cameron Frank-Hyde!” Birdie calls out when she spots me.

She stands from the rocking chair she’s sitting in, placing a notebook on the table next to her. I roll the gator I stole out of the barn to a stop in front of the main house. She comes down the stairs straight for me.

“Birdie.” A deep rumble comes from inside the house a second before the front door swings open. Calder is down the stairs following after her. “You said you were staying on the porch.” I smile, loving how ridiculously protective he’s being of her.

“I’m fine.” She waves him off, coming over to give me a hug.

“You need to be careful,” he grumbles. Birdie rolls her eyes. “You’re asking for it,” he says, sounding so much like Tuck. It must run in the family.

“You just gave it to me,” she sasses back at him. Watching the two of them together is adorable. “I’m actually rather parched.”

She runs her fingers across her delicate neck. There is no missing the giant blue diamond on her finger. I think you could see that thing from the moon. It’s breathtaking. I’ve heard stories about how stunning it is, but nothing could compare to seeing it with my own eyes.

“You’re thirsty? What about hungry? You haven't eaten since breakfast.”

“That was an hour ago.” She laughs. “I would love some tea, though.” She tries again to get Calder to go back inside. It doesn’t look as if he plans on going anywhere.

“I’ll call someone to get you some.” He reaches for his phone clearly having no intention of leaving Birdie’s side.

“Seriously? I can be alone in the front of the house.” She glares at her fiancé.

“How about I come in with you? I wanted to talk to you about a dress. I have a wedding coming up.”

“A wedding!” She gasps, her eyes going big. “I’m still trying to wrap my head around Tucker having a girl of his own, but now you guys are getting married too?” She looks so excited that I hate to burst her bubble.

“Oh no! I meant I need a dress to attend a wedding. Did you hear Windsor Harrington is getting married?”

“A royal wedding.” She claps her hands together excitedly. “Of course, I can get you a dress.”

Birdie's dream has always been to be a fashion designer. She used her last name and socialite status to get more attention on her clothing line, which worked. She knows who everyone is.

Calder puts his hand on Birdie’s back helping her up the stairs like it’s a freaking mountain or something. I seriously love how attentive he is. Birdie grabs her notepad off the table before we all head into the house. It’s as beautiful as I remember.

“Why were you so surprised I was here? I came to your fashion show,” I remind her.

“I know, and thank you so much for your sweet words.” She loops her arm into mine. “You really went above and beyond.” She gives me a warm smile.

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