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I stood up.

She opened the door, and Edward looked in at us. He was in a sea-blue short-sleeve shirt and jeans and looked much thinner to me. His hair was longer and not nearly as neatly trimmed as he always had kept it. Of course, he still wore his eye patch.

“Edward the First!” Fani cried, and hugged him. He didn’t hug her back. He continued to stare past her at me. “Well, I can see you’re happy to see me,” she said.

He looked a

t her. “Hello, Fani.”

“Well, I’m not going to stay here and be ignored,” she said. “I have something to do.”

“Some boy’s heart to break?” Edward said.

She laughed. “How did you know? I’ll be back in an hour or so.” She grabbed a light-pink jacket with a white fur collar off the rack at the door. “There’s wine, cheese, and crackers or something stronger in the cabinet, if you want. Have fun, you guys,” she added, and walked out.

Edward stood there looking at me. “You look good, Delia.”

“I don’t feel good, Edward.”

He nodded, concerned. “Fani told me about all the complications with your pregnancy. I’m sorry about that.”

“Did she tell you that they insist I had drugs in me and that was what caused my near-miscarriage?”

He shook his head. “I’m sure they made it up.”

“Señor Bovio said there was proof from the hospital’s lab tests.”

“When you are as powerful and as rich as Ray Bovio is, you can get whatever proof you want from anywhere you want,” he said.

I looked down, nodding, and finally he came to me to hold me.

“Poor Delia. What a big disaster coming to America and your American relatives have been for you.” He kissed my forehead, and then we both sat on the sofa.

“Where have you been, Edward? I know you left school. When I saw you at Fani’s home, you seemed okay. You told me you were thinking of law school. What changed?”

“I wasn’t as over Jesse as I thought I was, but let’s not talk about me just yet. Tell me what’s been happening at the Bovio estate.”

I described how Mrs. Newell had treated me during my pregnancy and the emergency that had led to Adan Jr.’s premature birth. He listened quietly, thoughtfully, and sipped some wine. I couldn’t help but start to cry when I described my baby and how little I had seen of him.

“First,” Edward began, “if she is such a good maternity nurse, how come she didn’t see you were having trouble?”

“I didn’t know myself until it was too late.”

“You’re not a nurse, not yet, and this was your first pregnancy. Second, you know I didn’t give you any drugs. Did Fani?”

“No, Edward. And I’ve read about these drugs. I had none of those symptoms. At least, none so strong I’d think anything of them.”

He thought a moment. “Something is very wrong here. Tell me again about this bargain you made with Señor Bovio.”

I described all of the arrangements. He asked to see the documents that listed the money I was given. I watched him study everything. Just having him take interest in me and being near him reassured me.

“Yes, he’s apparently given you quite a lot of money, Delia. It’s all in order. And this paper you signed giving him custody has been recorded in family court. I’m sure Ray used his influence to get it all moving faster than it normally would. It’s official.”

“I did not want to give up my baby, Edward.”

He nodded. “I have a friend whose father is an influential attorney here in Los Angeles. I’ll discuss it with him.”

“You will?”

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