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I sat up quickly. “No, no,” I said.

“First, you nearly kill your own baby with this stuff, and then, you nearly do the same to Sophia?”

I felt my throat close. Of course, everyone would believe such a thing, I thought. I just kept shaking my head.

“The police are involved now, and this time, I am not going to do anything to save you, and neither is Ray Bovio.”

“I did not do anything!” I cried.

“She nearly went into acute renal failure. People, especially young people, have died from this junk. You could be charged with attempted murder.”

“I gave her nothing, Tía Isabela. When I heard what was happening to her, I got her girlfriend Trudy to drive her here. I—”

“You knew what would happen to her. You knew what this drug could do.”

“No. I did not even know she was at this party. Please, listen—”

“No, you listen. You should have taken my advice and used the money I gave you to return to where you belong. If you had, you would have your baby.”

I stared at her, speechless. She was right. I lowered my head, the tears now streaming down my cheeks. I was too tired to fight or to argue.

“You’re a bigger disappointment to me than I ever imagined you would be, Delia. There was a time when I thought you would make me proud, when you would achieve some remarkable things for a girl from such a backward, poor place, but all you have done is prove my initial instincts correct. All you have done here is bring pain and misery to anyone who has had the least to do with you. Don’t you move. The police will be seeing about you now.” She turned and walked away.

I put my hands over my face. I didn’t want to look at any of the people nearby who had heard the things Tía Isabela had said to me. Soon afterward, the policeman who had spoken to me returned. He had a man with him who was wearing a dark gray sports jacket and a tie. He looked much older.

“This is Detective Boyton,” the policeman said. “He is with narcotics.”

“I’d like you to come out to my car to talk, Delia,” Detective Boyton said.

“I did not do anything bad,” I moaned.

“We’re not arresting you for anything yet, Miss Yebarra,” Detective Boyton said. “But we do need to talk to you about all this, and this isn’t the place for it. Are you resisting my request?” he asked when I made no effort to move.

I was just in a numb state. “No, sir,” I said.

They led me out. I looked toward the emergency room and saw Tía Isabela in the hallway speaking with a doctor. She glanced at me and turned her back.

“How long have you been in the States, Delia?” Detective Boyton asked after I was put in the rear of the sedan. He and another detective he introduced as Lieutenant Danbury sat up front.

I told him.

“So, you just arrived in L.A.?”

“Yes, sir. Today.”

“And this…Estefani Cordova…she invited you to stay at her apartment?”


“Okay. Tell us what happened tonight,” Lieutenant Danbury said.

I described the events as accurately as I could.

“And this boy’s name is Cliff Alexander? He attends USC?”


“Your aunt tells us you had another incident with the drug known as Ecstasy. During your pregnancy?”

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