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“You’d better call your father.”

“Damn it,” she said. She looked at me. “Why didn’t you come to me last night before you rushed off to the hospital? We could have done this without getting the police involved.”

“I tried to get your attention, but you were too involved, and then when I saw how bad she was, I thought she belonged in a hospital right away. I asked Cliff to tell you what had happened.”

“I never saw him. All I knew was that I couldn’t find you.”

“The point is, Delia saved her life by moving quickly, I’m sure,” Edward said.

Fani pouted a moment and then relaxed her shoulders. “Cliff’s in there,” she revealed. “I saw him enter the station just before I did. I’m sure he’s doing and saying everything he can to save his own rear end.”

“Go call your father, Fani,” Edward suggested more strongly.

She nodd

ed and looked at me. “I’m just trying to help you adjust to a new life, Delia. I was there for you. You had better be there for me.” She walked away.

“She surely gave Sophia the drugs,” Edward muttered. “That guy Cliff Alexander might implicate her somehow, and if you said something that confirmed it…”

“She’s not wrong, Edward. She wanted to help me. She was the only one I could turn to when Señor Bovio threw me out. I can’t hurt her. Besides, I really did not see her give Sophia drugs. I can’t say I did.”

“Girls like Fani don’t need someone to hurt them,” Edward said. “They do a good enough job hurting themselves.”

Before we sat, Mr. Simon came out and asked me to accompany him to a room where Detective Boyton and Lieutenant Danbury were waiting.

“I’ll do all the talking,” Mr. Simon said. “You speak when I say you speak. Look to me before answering any questions, understand?”

I nodded. The two detectives were at a long table waiting for us. Mr. Simon and I sat across from them.

“Okay, Delia,” Lieutenant Danbury began. “Most of what you’ve told us has checked out.”

“So, that’s it?” Mr. Simon asked.

Both detectives smiled.

“Not so fast.” Lieutenant Danbury looked at his notebook. “Cliff Alexander claims that it wasn’t until you had an embarrassing accident at this dance club and went into the bathroom that he saw Sophia Dallas with any pills. She had them after she came out of the bathroom you were in.”

“Can he say without doubt that Sophia did not have the pills before she went in?” Mr. Simon asked.

Neither detective responded to him.

“He says she said she got them in the bathroom,” Detective Boyton said.

When the detectives spoke, they looked directly at me, as if Mr. Simon weren’t there.

Mr. Simon turned to me. “Did you see anyone hand Sophia Dallas any pills, Delia?”

“No, sir.”

“Did you speak to or have any contact with Sophia in the bathroom?” he asked.

“No, sir. I was in the stall waiting for my clothes to be dried.”

Mr. Simon did not know why, so he raised his eyebrows, but he did not ask the detectives. He turned to them.

“Are you accusing her of selling drugs to Sophia Dallas?”

“You know we’re not,” Lieutenant Danbury said. “We’re trying to find out who did, however.”

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