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“I’ll be right behind you guys,” Mr. Simon told us. “Just do as she says, Edward.”

“Why are we going there?” he asked.

“You’ll hear it all on the way,” Mr. Simon replied. “But it ain’t over until it’s over,” he added as a warning. “It might all turn out to be a wild-goose chase, at which point you two will be facing the same judge in the same courtroom under different circumstances. So, for now, I’d advise you to do just as you’re told.”

Both Edward and I were very confused. We got into the limousine, and Tía Isabela followed.

“Let’s not talk for a while,” she said the moment she sat across from us. “I need to get my boiling blood cooled. Get us out of here, Mr. Garman,” she ordered her driver, and we were on our way.

She reached into the cabinet and took out a bottle of white wine, pouring herself a glass. Stone-faced, Edward sat looking at her. I was too terrified to move a muscle. Finally, she was relaxed enough to speak.

“I can’t blame Delia for actually believing you could get away with such an insane action, but how someone supposedly as intelligent as you went through with this, Edward, I’ll never understand. I’m convinced now that you’ve lost your senses. You might very well need professional help.”

Edward didn’t reply. Instead, he reached into the cabinet, too, and took out a bottle of scotch, some ice cubes, and some soda to make himself a drink. He offered me a soft drink, which I took. I felt as if the sand in the desert was lining the walls of my throat.

Edward sat back and smiled at Tía Isabela. “I need professional help? I’m sure you don’t remember, Mother, but when I was about twelve, you and I were having one of those very rare moments when we were by ourselves, enjoying the afternoon, having lunch on the patio. We actually resembled a mother and her child for a little while, and I asked you how you could just pick up and leave your family in Mexico, write them off like that. I don’t think you appreciated my tone of voice, because you became very angry. But eventually, you calmed down, and you said, ‘Sometimes you have to do something for yourself, something everyone else will think is foolish, but something that gives you a sense of self-respect. When you’re older, Edward, you’ll understand.’”

He leaned forward. “Well, I still don’t understand you, but I’m glad I did what I did to help Delia. I never felt better about myself, Mother. It was the right thing to do, and I have my self-respect.”

She sipped her wine and shook her head. “I know you don’t get all of this drama and passion from your father,” she said, “so I guess I’ll have to take the blame.”

“Your admitting blame for anything is a wonder.”

“Don’t be disrespectful, Edward.”

He glanced at me and looked out the window for a while and then turned back to her.

“Why is Mr. Simon following us to the Bovio estate?” he asked.

“Ray understands lawyers better than any other type of professional,” she replied. “You, me, and Delia don’t carry enough weight.”

“Well, can’t we know what it’s all about?”

“Of course, but first there are some questions I want answered and answered honestly.” Before Edward could speak, she added, “They are all for Delia. Nothing would anger me more than going forward here on a foundation of lies and deceit. Do you understand, Delia?”

“Sí, Tía Isabela.”

“Good. Sophia confessed to me that she has been getting this joy drug from Fani Cordova for some time now. You knew that, correct?”

“I did not know that. I told the truth, Tía Isabela. I did not see Fani give Sophia the drug this time, either.”

“But you knew she had it, correct?”


“How did you know? Did she offer any to you?”

I looked at Edward. I had never told him so.

“Sí,” I said. “When we were going out with the two boys and when she wanted me to stay awake for the party. I pretended to take it, but I didn’t. She knew later that I didn’t. I wasn’t very good at pretending.”

“Was that the first and only time she offered this drug to you, Delia?”

“Sí, Tía Isabela. The first time.”

“She didn’t give you this drug when you were at her house for your secret meeting with Edward or during that meeting?” she asked, nodding at him.

“No, Tía Isabela.”

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