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Cooper hovers above me. The strain of his muscles is evident in his arms, and the torment in his eyes is clear. I’ve been so hot and cold with him he’s probably expecting me to roll out from under him and bail. I can’t blame him, really. My standoffish attitude and defiant nature are probably worse than any curve ball he’s faced in the batter’s box.

But I want this and I want it with him. Call it female intuition or hormones, but something deep inside is telling me that things with Cooper are going to be different. He’s going to show me that love exists and that not all men are pigs when it comes to other women. He chased me, and I’ve finally been caught, despite trying to run from him.

Cooper slowly realigns himself and sits back on his knees, his gaze roaming over my body as my chest heaves. The prospect of what is about to happen excites me. I take in his tempting, attractive physique, from his broad chest, to his devilishly handsome face, to his growing erection. The stare-off we’re having is intense. Heat fills my body as he examines only half of what I’m offering him.

His hand moves over his arousal, never breaking eye contact with me.

“You’re teasing me,” I tell him, reaching for him to come closer. The prolonged anticipation is almost unbearable.

Cooper leans forward on his powerful arms and blazes a trail of openmouthed kisses down the center of my body, bypassing my eager breasts. He licks a path above the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down little by little until I feel the cool air mix with his warm breath above my mound. Instinctively, I arch my hips as he tugs my shorts off, leaving me in nothing but my underwear.

My heart beats loudly as his hands roam over the lace of my panties. Each brush along my core sends shivers up my spine. I lift my hips again, showing him that I want to go further.

Slowly, he peels the remaining undergarment from my body, his eyes smoldering with desire as he looks at me. “Are you sure?” he asks, his voice strong and confident.

“Without a doubt.” I peer at him with intense urgency. The sexual magnetism in the room is about to combust, or I will, if he doesn’t touch me soon.

“You’re so beautiful, Ainsley. You have no idea how much I want you.” He lingers over me, his arms creating a bridge to keep him from lying on top of me.

“Show me,” I demand, confidently using my feet to push down his shorts. To my surprise, he’s gone commando, causing me to gasp at the site of his manhood. His fully erect penis bobs against his stomach. Without pause, my hand wraps around his shaft, pumping lightly. I’m awarded with a throaty groan and a searing kiss as his lips claim mine.

His kisses are hungry, needy, as he nips at my lips, making love to my mouth. One arm steadies him while his calloused hand massages, pinches, and rubs my breasts, making the ache between my legs increase.

The strong hardness of his lips is now on my breasts as he moves down my body, removing himself from my grip. I call out in displeasure, earning a chuckle from him. My hand delves into his hair, massaging as he teases me.

He returns to kissing me, but only briefly, before he’s making his way down my body. Before I know what’s happening, I’m being pulled to the end of the bed with my legs never touching the ground. I raise my head slightly to see my legs are over his shoulders and he’s smiling at me.

My head drops to his bed, and my back arches off the comforter when he licks my already wet pussy. He does it again with his thumb adding pressure to my swollen clit. Cooper sucks greedily at my core, taking everything that I’m offering him. My fingers dig into his blanket as my body temperature rises, thanks to the way he’s making me feel.

“Fuck, you taste divine, Ainsley. My fingers beg to touch you, to feel inside of you, but my cock demands that your sweet pussy feel him first.”

“Sounds like you have a dilemma,” I say, pushing my hips toward him. He stands, stroking his erection while I gawk at him. I lick my lips, letting him k

now that I’ll take him in my mouth, but he shakes his head no.

Cooper reaches for the drawer in his bedside table and pulls out a box of condoms. He tears one open, sliding it over his shaft.

“I bought these this morning,” he tells me, as he motions for me to move up the bed. He crawls between my legs, causing the ache to return with a mighty force. “I had hoped after the beach…” He trails off as he centers himself. I trust him. I trust that he’s telling the truth and isn’t a man-whore.

Cooper sits back on his knees, with me on my elbows, as I watch him enter me. My eyes roll back as my body adjusts to his size. He pulls out, and my insides ache, waiting to be filled again.

“Cooper, don’t tease me.”

He enters me, fully sheathing himself. I cry out and fall against the mattress. Another thrust and my nails are digging into his thighs as our eyes meet. His hands move down my sides until they’re firmly gripping my hips. Using them as leverage, he pumps into me, slowly, watching each time he enters my body.

“This is so fucking hot,” he says as he disconnects from my body, only to push himself back in. I rise up and watch as he enters my core each time.

I gasp in sweet agony as the pressure quickly builds. I’ve been fucked slowly. I’ve never been with a man who takes his time to bask in the emotion of what we’re doing. Even as his hips move faster, he watches us connect, either with body parts or with our eyes.

Cooper’s hands roam over my body, seizing my breasts while my hips meet his thrusts. His fingers pinch my taut nipples, causing me to scream out. He moves forward, his body partially covering mine, changing our position. My legs rise over his hips, allowing him to go deeper.

“Yes, yes, Cooper. Oh shit,” I say breathlessly. He groans in between kisses, as our bodies become a frenzy of desire. He moves faster, pumping into my body as if I’ve been made for him.

“Fuck, Ainsley. Fucking magic,” he says, thrusting faster.

My legs start to quiver as the intense sensation of my orgasm starts. “Don’t stop,” I beg him. “I’m so close, Cooper, please don’t stop.” I cup his face with my hands and kiss him deeply, giving him every moan and whimper I can as my walls clench down around him.

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