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“Sorry,” I say from behind the fabric, earning a chuckle from her. I try not to stare when I pull her shirt away, but to no avail. She’s so damn beautiful that I can’t get enough of her.

I hand her one of my T-shirts. It’s just a plain white one that is fairly comfortable. She slips it over her head, covering herself before dropping her shorts to the floor.

I quickly follow suit and shed my clothes, leaving myself in my boxers. Ainsley crawls into my bed, even though it’s still early. Plugging my phone into the portable speaker, I turn on some music as background noise and hopefully to prevent the guys from hearing us.

“Today was the worst.” I lie on my side to face her, pulling her close so our legs intertwine with each other’s.

“I’m sorry.” Her fingers softly move through my hair, soothing me. “Has this ever happened to you before?”

Closing my eyes, I shake my head slowly and bask in the feeling of the light massage she’s giving me, helping to ease some tension. I love that she’s concerned about my game, but it shouldn’t be her worry. However, leaving the game on the field isn’t something I’ve ever been able to do, especially since it’s always been a topic of conversation for my father and me. My life has revolved around baseball and nothing else.

“I don’t have a bad temper, and my comment wasn’t anything that I haven’t said before. Davenport thinks the ump was just in a foul mood and took it out on me.”

“Will you get in trouble?”

“Not really. Diamond will probably ride my ass for a few days, but that doesn’t worry me.”

“What does?” Ainsley leans up on her elbow, bringing her lips into perfect kissing position. I lick mine and fight the urge to ignore her question and just kiss her.

“That I’m past my prime for the big leagues. When I was drafted I chose college first, and a lot of people have said I made the wrong decision. In my heart, I know it was right, but now I’m competing with guys five to six years younger than I am and coming right out of high school to play. Their bodies haven’t taken the beatings mine has.”

“I happen to think your body is just perfect.”

I open my mouth to disagree with her, but her eyes tell me otherwise. Of course, if I were paying attention to her and not basking in my own pity party, I would’ve felt her fingers trailing through the patch of hair leading to my quickly hardening dick.

“I think I should stop talking.”

“I think you should kiss me.”

My thumb brushes against her lips, causing them to part. Her hand sneaks under the waistband of my boxers, enticing me even more. Once our lips touch, she moans, sending waves of pleasure right to my crotch. This is different from our first time. There’s no exploration, no getting to know your partner. Everything now is eager, and each kiss, each groping and pass of a hand—mine over her breasts or hers along my shaft—increases the intensity between us.

I bunch my shirt—the one she’s wearing—and lift it over her head so I can taste her peaked nipple through the lace of her bra. My nimble fingers work to release her breasts from their captor, and once free, my hands are massaging while my mouth suckles them.

She strokes me, increasing the fire that is burning inside of me. I lay her down and hover over her, relishing the way her hand feels wrapped around my hard-on. Ainsley pushes my boxers off of me, exposing my erection.

I curl my fingers around her panties and pull them down her legs, breaking the hold she had on me, and kick my boxers off. Ainsley is impatient and pulls me on top of her, my cock jumping the moment he feels her wet core.

I kiss her and move my body along hers, teasing her warm flesh. Nails dig into my ass and her hips rise up, trying to create the friction we both need. I’m startled when she grips my dick and guides me to her entrance.

“I need a condom,” I tell her between kisses, forcing myself to leave her so I can grab one. I blindly reach for the drawer, opening it to reach for the box. Only I don’t find it.

“What the fuck?” I say, climbing off of her so I can get a closer look. “Son of a bitch.” It dawns on me now

why Wilder made that comment in the car about getting laid—the fucker has taken my condoms.

“What’s wrong?”

I flop on the bed and will my erection to go away. “My roommate took my condoms,” I mumble into the bed while picturing every disgusting thing I can. Ainsley doesn’t help matters when she starts kissing my back, my neck, and finally pulling on my earlobe.

“I’m on the pill,” she whispers seductively into my ear. My head pops up, and I look at her. She presses her lips to mine, and maneuvers to pull me on top of her. I go willingly because I want to feel connected to her.

“Are you sure?” I ask, needing to know she has no doubts about us.

“I am.” She hitches her leg over my hip, and when I push into her, I almost come immediately. The sensation of being bare and feeling her take me in is indescribable. I have a feeling Ainsley Burke is going to be my doom. That is if I don’t destroy myself first.

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