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The drive back to my apartment is quick, and before I know it, I’m shedding my clothes and climbing back into bed with Ainsley. She molds easily into my side with her ass pressing against my dick.

“Hmm, you’re cold.”

“Sorry, I had to run a quick errand.” If that surprises her, she doesn’t say anything. Instead, she reaches between us and grabs hold of me and begins to stroke.

“Ainsley,” I warn, unsure if she’s awake or not.

“Coop, I’m so horny,” she mumbles in her sleep.

I rise up on my elbow and ask her to look at me. There’s no way I’m taking advantage of a sleeping Ainsley. For all I know she could be dreaming.

“Look at me.” Her eyes flutter open, and she smiles. “You’re horny?” I ask, trying not to laugh.

“All the time.”

“I can help solve that,” I tell her, thrusting my hips into her hands.

“Please do.” She stays on her side, moving her leg to give me access. I enter her, relishing in the feeling of being this close to her and knowing that when the sun comes up, I’m asking her to marry me.

The Renegades have returned home from their road trip. Unfortunately this one didn’t go as planned. After being gone for six days, the BoRes went two and four, getting shut out in the last game of the month by the Rays. The Renegades fell to the Rays 13–3, making that the biggest loss of the season to date.

The bats were strong from Bailey, Singleton, Mackenzie, and Davenport, but they weren’t enough overcome an early deficit.

Renegades have a much-needed day off before the Angels and Rangers come to town.

Don’t forget to keep voting for your favorite player on the All-Star ballot. This is one election where your vote does matter.

The BoRes are 42–36 right now. They need to get smart, or what has started off as a good season will end before the wild card race.


Hadley Carter was photographed buying baby items. Her bump is just adorable. When asked, Ryan Stone stated, “I’m scared shitless but happy that we’re starting a family.”

The divorce between Steve and Lisa Bainbridge is final. No word yet on whether she’ll stay in Boston or head home to Indiana. Sources tell me that Bainbridge was given full custody of their minor children. I’m sure the applications to be their nanny are coming in fast!

Branch Singleton has been seen out and about with someone new. No word on her identity, but they seem happy. Once we find out who the lucky lady is, we’ll let you know!

And our favorite rookie may have a love connection on the horizon. It’s rumored that his fling from Fort Myers is in town, but staff has been unable to verify.

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Chapter 34


Waking up in Cooper’s arms felt like a dream. I pinched myself a few times to make sure that I wasn’t imagining everything. After watching his game, I called Stella, asking her what I could do to show him that I’m happy to be here, that I’m happy that I’m in his home. She laughed and told me to get sexy. It’s hard to be or feel sexy when you’re gaining weight and your stomach sticks out like beacon, but I tried, and thankfully he liked it.

He disappeared on me in the middle of the night. I woke, startled and scared, but when I went to look for him, I found the note he had left. I want to question where he went, but I figure I’m the one intruding on his life, and maybe he had to run to the store for something.

I lay on my side with one arm under my head and the other caressing my belly while I stare at a sleeping Cooper. The baby is moving around, kicking like a little soccer player. I still don’t know where he stands about the baby, and it’s killing me not to know. I don’t want to pass up this moment, so I take his hand and place it on my belly. The baby kicks—it’s soft but you can feel it—and Cooper’s eyes flash open.

“What the hell is that?”

I swallow the fear that is building inside of me. “That’s the baby.”

“Holy shit. Does that hurt?”

Shaking my head, I fight back some tears. “No. It will when the baby is bigger, but not yet.”

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