A Beaumont Family Christmas (Beaumont 5.60) - Page 35

His words take the air from my lungs. Compared to my son, I was nothing of a quarterback. A high school kid dubbed the golden boy who flopped big time when he got to college. But Noah, he’s the real deal and puts me to shame in the record books.

“I don’t know what to say, Mack. I’m really honored.”

Mack smiles and then ducks his head. Peyton, Noah, and Quinn come to me and start talking strategy, but I’m too focused on Mack. He approaches Harrison, Elle, and JD, and they huddle together. When Mack looks over his shoulder and smiles at me, I realize then that our relationship isn’t going to be the typical father of the girl he’s dating. It’s going to be so much more.

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