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“I told him it wasn’t a good idea that we saw each other.”


“And he stated a very strong case in favor of it… sealing it with the most incredible kiss I’ve ever experienced.”

Grant rolled his eyes, “OMG!”

“Stop it. I like him, Grant.”

“And what happens when you crush his father to dust?”

“I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. What if he’s the one?”

“Wouldn’t that be ironic? You wait half your life for the chance to get your revenge on these people and you end up in love with one of them.”

“I’m not in love with him.”

“Yet. What happens if you are in love with him when all of your plans to take this company back come to fruition?”

“Once again, I’ll cross that bridge if and when I come to it. Besides, I’m not finding anything worthwhile the way I’m going about it. Maybe if I get close to Seth, I can find something out that way.”

“Ay yi yi,” he said, rolling his eyes. “I love you.”

I smiled. “I love you too. Thank you for letting it go.”

With a heavy sigh he ladled more vegetables onto his plate and said, “I can’t promise to let it go forever. If I see it affecting you in a negative way…”

I reached out and covered his hand with mine. “We’ll deal with that if and when we come to it, okay?” He nodded and I said, “So what’s her name?”


I tried not to smile. I know it was juvenile of me and it was just plain mean. A person can’t really help what their name is… of course I did change mine, so I’m assuming she could too… “Isn’t a Juniper like a bug or something?”

“It’s a plant!”

I lost my battle, I laughed. Grant gave in and laughed with me. I love spending time with him. Sometimes I worried when we both do get into relationships that I’d lose my best friend. I really hope not. I wouldn’t know what to do without him.


I was up bright and early the next morning. I showered and dressed in a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved green t-shirt. People don’t realize when you’re a true red-head with green eyes, how hard it is to buy clothes. There are so many colors I can’t wear. Anything red or orange or pink is out. Most people have to match their clothes and shoes; I have to match mine with my hair. I wore a pair of short tan boots with a flat sole that would make getting in and out of the saddle easier. I pulled my wild hair back into simple ponytail and with more butterflies in my stomach than really had a right to be there, I left to pick up my date.

Seth lived on the upper west side of Manhattan. I wasn’t even a little bit surprised about that. I’d expected his address to be somewhere pricey. I pulled up in front of the townhouse and debated whether or not I should go up to the door. It was a huge place and I assumed his father lived there too. I still didn’t know if I was ready to come face to face with James. I took out my phone and started to send him a text. Right in the middle of it I decided that was not only rude, but slightly juvenile. Sucking up my apprehension, I got out of the car and stood there looking up at the five story Renaissance Revival style townhouse with its turrets and rounded windows. I thought about the house I’d grown up in. It was big, just like this one and if James and Seth Hunter weren’t living in this house right now, maybe I’d be living in mine. I tried to shake off that thought as I made my way up the steps towards the massive oak doors with the stained glass windows. I reminded myself that Seth had been a child at the time, just like I was. He didn’t steal my father’s company. He wasn’t guilty for the sins of his father.

I stood at the top of the stone steps wondering what the hell I was doing. I was about to knock on James Hunter’s front door. I must be insane. I turned and looked down the cozy tree-lined street. The houses were all big and wide and built in early 1900’s style. I wondered how long they had lived here. Did the money he made stealing my legacy buy this place for him. As I stood there letting my mind run off on a tangent, I heard the door open behind me. Sucking in a breath and praying it wouldn’t be James, I turned around. There was a woman standing there in a freshly starched gray and white dress.

“Can I help you, Miss?”

“Yes, I was looking for Mr. Hunter,” I said, quickly adding, “Seth.”

“Yes, Mr. Seth is here. Can I tell him who is calling?”

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