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It was strange. You hear people say they felt like a “weight” was lifted off of them… I never thought of it in literal terms before that moment. I hadn’t realized just how heavy my burden had been until right that second. With another person to help me carry it, it suddenly didn’t seem like such a daunting task.

“Are you sure?” I asked Seth. I knew what he was offering to do would upset life as he knew it from then on out.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Tell me what I need to do.”

“I will,” I told him. “Thank you. First, there is something else I would like to do, if you’re up for it.” He looked confused for a second, until I smiled and then he suddenly knew exactly what I was talking about. He slid over towards me and positioned himself up against the head board next to me with our arms and knees touching.

“How’s this?” he asked with a grin.

“It’s a good start…”

He smiled broader and slipped his arm around me. I realized then that I had even missed his scent. He always had a fresh, crisp smell like an ocean breeze. I put my arm across his chest and relaxed into him. God, he felt so good. We just sat there like that for a long moment, enjoying the togetherness, comfortable in the silence.

I realized after another minute or two that he was waiting for me to set the pace and tone of our reunion      . I lifted my head and straightened out so I could look at his face. Seth smiled and with his free hand he ran the back of his fingers down the side of my cheek. Then he drew his thumb across my bottom lip causing me to shiver almost violently.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said. “I’ve thought so since the first second you walked into my office that first day.”

“You’re beautiful,” I told him with a grin. “I’ve thought so since the second you spun your chair around that day. I almost fell into the floor when you looked at me with those sexy ice blue eyes. I never meant to hurt you in any way. I realized very quickly that I wanted to do the exact opposite. I love the sound of your laugh and your gorgeous smile always looks so much better knowing that I put it there.”

“You’ve put it there nearly every day since I met you. This past week, not knowing what would happen between us was killing me.”

"Me too. And Grant,” I said with a giggle.

He flexed an eyebrow and said, “Grant was that worried about us?”

“Well, me mostly. I’ve barely gotten out of bed in a week. I didn’t feel like anything really mattered anymore.”

“I know. I was feeling the same way.”

"I’m sorry I hurt you,” I told him, one more time.

“Don’t be,” Seth said. “It all brought us together in the end, and that’s all that matters to me.”

I put my hands on each side of his face then and kissed his lips. I couldn’t stop; I was so hungry for him. I kissed and sucked on his plump bottom lip and he let me lick across them both before his own hunger took over and he pulled me into him tighter and covered my mouth with his. My lips parted and he kissed me passionately. At that moment in time not only did nothing else matter, it hardly existed. Seth left a trail of sweet kisses down the side of my face and neck. I shuddered again, pulling him even closer into me so that not even light could come between us. After he covered my neck with kisses, Seth slid my shirt off one shoulder and began to cover my collarbone in kisses, occasionally nipping lightly at my shoulder.

“You’re perfect,” he whispered. I was the one groaning and he was telling me that I was perfect. I took his face in my hands again and pulled him back up so I could kiss him again. I kissed him even harder that time and when we came up for air he said in a ragged, uneven breath, “Should I lock the door?”

“Please,” I told him. He went over and turned the lock. When Seth came back he sat down next to me again and began running his fingers lightly over my face. He was tracing my features with his fingertips like he was trying to memorize them. It was one of the most non-sexual erotic feelings I had ever experienced.

I put my lips on his face and kissed along his strong jawline and across his nose and eyes and forehead. I was memorizing him now with my lips. His hand was resting on my hip and when my lips made it back down towards his he captured them and we kissed again. When he broke the kiss that time a stray tear had escaped from my eye and rolled down my cheek. He brushed it away with his finger and said, “Baby what’s wrong?”

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