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“Three babies,” I whisper while sitting up.

“You topped me. I can’t believe it,” he chuckles, shaking his head.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I knew you were pregnant.”

“What? And you didn’t think to tell me?” Of course he did. He always knows everything when it comes to me.

“I thought so a few weeks ago but I let it ride.” He cups my cheeks. “I didn’t want to get your hopes up, but over the last week I was pretty damn certain. I was going to tell you tonight. I have a whole thing planned at the house for us.”

“We’re pregnant.”

“Three babies, sweets.”

“So worth the wait.” I smile even as tears fill my eyes.

He leans down, brushing his mouth against mine. “When it comes to you, everything is worth the wait.”

This time Cupid really struck me.



Nine years later…

“Cupid?” I hear Astrid call out from the bedroom.

“In here.” I’m almost finished getting ready and I know we’re already running a little late.

It’s the kids’ birthday today and we’re having a house full of people over to celebrate. I’d been setting up all the outdoor games and checking with the caterers so I’m running behind. I took a quick shower and now I’ve got to throw on some clothes and rush downstairs.

“Hey there, handsome,” I hear my wife say as I reach for my sweater. I’m still barefoot and in jeans but I’m almost ready.

“Hey sweets. Did you finish the—” I stop speaking when I turn around to see she’s standing there in only a red lacy bra and a tiny little skirt. “Cake.”

She slowly closes the closet door behind her and leans against it. “I thought I’d come up here and see if you needed some help getting ready.” Her eyes move up and down my body but linger on my bare chest. My cock swells, making my jeans tight as I drop the sweater to the ground.

“Astrid, there’s like twenty people downstairs,” I say, but my protest sounds weak even to my own ears.

“I know.” She lifts up the front of her skirt playfully and shows me her bare pussy. “I just thought I’d bring you a little snack.”

“Goddamn it, sweets, you’re killing me.” I pad across the carpet to where she’s leaning, and her smile grows wider. “We don’t have time for this.”

She spreads her legs, already opening and giving me all the room I need. It would be so easy to kneel down and bury my face against her pussy.

“I’ll be quick,” she promises. “I was touching myself in the bathroom and I’m already wet.”

“Fuck,” I growl when I imagine what she looked like doing it.

My knees buckle without me telling them to and I fall on her sweet little cunt face-first. She’s silky and soft and so fucking wet as I rub my face all over it.

“I knew you’d like that.” She grips my hair as I suck on her clit and she cries out. “Oh god, right there.”

Throwing her legs over my shoulders, I feast on her as she rocks her hips forward, taking what she wants. I’m all too eager to give it to her, but I want it on my terms.

When I pull my mouth away from her pussy, she cries out, but I’m not having it. “You can wait,” I order as I stand up and unbuckle my belt. “You’ll cum on my cock.”

She makes this little whining noise in the back of her throat as I hitch her legs up around my waist and press her back against the door. I slide all the way inside with one hard thrust and I put my hand over her mouth to keep anyone from hearing us.

“You thought you could come in here and tease me and get what you want?” She nods and I keep thrusting, the steady climb of her orgasm almost at its peak. “I should make you wait.”

Her eyes pop open and she looks at me in horror.

“That’s what you should get. I should fuck you right to the edge and leave you there all night. Walking around the bedroom in this tiny little skirt with no panties? You’re asking for it, sweets.”

“Please,” she mumbles behind my hand.

“I bet you’d bend over every surface with that kitty in the air. Hot and horny and just waiting for me to fill it.”

Her eyelids grow heavy and I feel her getting wetter. She loves when I talk dirty to her.

“You’re my greedy girl.” She clenches around my cock and I groan at how tight she feels. “I’ll leave this cum in you so when you feel it on your panties later you can remember this.”

She nods vigorously as I spread her wider and grind against her clit. She cries out, but the sound is muffled by my hand. She’s so damn close and although I want this to last forever, we really do have to be quick.

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