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Send more pictures.

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I laugh as I turn the page over and see nothing else on it. Then to my complete shock I see another letter on the floor addressed from him. I scoop it up quickly then scan the rest to make sure there aren’t three. I’m shaking as I open this one and have to bite my lip to keep from smiling even though I have no idea why I’m trying to hide it.

* * *


Sorry about the last letter. I think I got a little excited and demanding. I loved your last letter and the picture you sent. There was something in your eyes that…let’s just say it moved me. You are so beautiful and you were right, I didn’t see any fear. All I saw was a young woman too pure to be touched by a man like me. My hands are dirty and don’t deserve to touch you. But that’s all I thought about when I looked at your picture. I’d be a lucky man if I ever got to lay a hand on you, but you shouldn’t let me.

You said that I probably have people waiting on me, but the only one I care about is you. I’m not asking you to wait for me or to even be mine, but that’s what I want. I should play this cooler or stop admitting my feelings so easily, but something about you makes me want to confess.

I’m also writing to tell you that your phone calls have stirred up something somewhere. I got a call from the state district attorney and they’re going to reopen my case. They said there were some discrepancies with evidence and witness tampering. They believed I was made to plead guilty because of a back room deal and the judge is going to be investigated.

I don’t know what this means for my time in here, but if your offer to come see me still stands, I’ve added you to my visitor list. I don’t know what else to say but that for the first time in maybe forever I’m filled with hope.

The one you saved,


* * *

My heart is hammering in my chest and I read the letter three times before I finally look up again. Does this all mean what I think it does? I should go ask Mrs. Honey since she’s good with relationships. I’m not so sure the drama from the soaps help her, but overall she’s got great advice.

I grab her mail and then set the alarm on the house before I practically run next door. I’m knocking on the back door as I’m flinging the door open and calling out for her on my way.

“Mrs. Honey! I got a letter from Rocco,” I shout as I go into the living room where she’ll be watching her shows this time of day. “Mrs. Honey?”

When I see her sitting her chair for a second I think she’s fallen asleep. But when I get closer I see her lips are blue and I begin to panic.

“Mrs. Honey, wake up!” I shout, but there’s no response. I run to the kitchen and grab the house phone and dial 911. The operator answers instantly and she tells me that help is on the way.

It takes twelve long minutes for the ambulance to arrive and I ride inside of it with her on the way to the hospital. I call her son Phillip and he says he’ll meet us there, but I could hear the panic is his voice and it didn’t help mine.

“Please, please be okay,” I whisper as I watch the emergency responders work on her.

I don’t ask God for much, but he better not harm a hair on the head of my sweet little neighbor.



“Lizzy.” The sound of my name has my head jerking up.

I must have dozed off for a moment and it takes me a second to realize I’m staring up at Mike. He’s wearing another one of those shirts that say LR Construction on it. He stands in front of me with a very pregnant women next to him. She stares down at me with concern on her face.

“Hi.” My voice comes out cracked as I try and sit up straight in the hard hospital chair.

His face softens as he looks at me. “I’m going to take you home,” he says as he holds out his hand for me.


“Mrs. Honey is going to be fine. She’s got to stay for a few nights for observation, but it looks like she ate something she wasn’t supposed to. That’s all.”

“What?” I shoot up from my chair.

The last update I’d gotten was they were running tests. It felt like I’d been here for days waiting for answers. I glance to where her son was sitting but he’s not there any longer. He must’ve gotten the news already. Why didn’t he wake me? I’ll never understand him.

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