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“I love you too, Rocco,” she says, wrapping her legs around my waist and taking me deeper.

I was already close to cumming but hearing her say the words back is my undoing. I bury my face in her neck and growl as I release another load into her. It’s harder this time and I can feel it pushing against her cervix. I smile against her, thinking about how she’s probably getting pregnant right this moment. Good. One more way that I’ll never be separated from her.

She’s a slippery, sticky mess as I reach down between us and rub her clit while my cock is still inside her. She cums quickly and I can feel her pussy milking me. The need to give her what she wants is impossible to ignore.

“Let’s clean you up so I can get you dirty again,” I say and scoop her up in my arms and carry her to the shower.

“How did you know where to find me?” she asks as we step into the hot spray.

“You think I didn’t set all this up?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

She looks at me for a second and then her jaw drops open. “This is your house?”

I nod as I kiss her on the nose. “I couldn’t leave anything to chance.”

“I’m so stupid. How did I never see this before?”

“Don’t say things like that about the woman I love.” I kiss her lips and she smiles up at me before her surprise and excitement show on her face.

“Is it after midnight?”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” I say, kissing her again. “I didn’t mean to scare you, I just couldn’t stop myself.”

“That’s not what I mean, and I’m really glad it was you. I meant that it’s Valentine's Day.”

“I know,” I say, trailing my lips down her neck and to her tits.

“I’ve never had a Valentine before.” She gasps when I suck on one nipple and then the other.

“Well, be prepared to be spoiled,” I say, kissing my way back up to her lips. “I’ve got flowers and chocolate downstairs for you, and in the morning, I’m taking you to breakfast because I’m a terrible cook.”

“I can cook,” she says, but I shake my head.

“Not a chance. My woman is getting spoiled.”

“I really am a woman now,” she says, and her pussy tightens around my cock.

“We better do it again just to make sure,” I say as my tongue touches hers and I press her against the tile wall in the shower.



Rocco slides into bed behind me and pulls me into his big warm body. No one has ever made me feel small and delicate like he does. He engulfs me without trying and I still don’t understand how someone could find him scary. If anything, he’s the most comforting thing in the world. I know nothing can touch me with him around me.

I pretend to be asleep, but I’ve been awake for over twenty minutes and I wonder how long he was gone before that. I knew when I woke he wasn’t in the house without having to look. I could feel it. Where could he have gone in the middle of the night only to return when the sun came up?

I feel him move my hair from my neck and place a kiss there. He whispers against my skin, “I love you more than life itself.” My heart clenches because it’s filled with so much love—something I didn’t know was possible until him.

There isn’t anyone else for him except me and I’m the one he put into his home while he was away. There’s no doubt in my mind he loves me with everything he has inside of him. So if he’s sneaking out in the middle of the night, that can only mean one thing.

“Please tell me you won’t get sent back,” I whisper.

I finally connect where he went. A man like Rocco wouldn't be okay with the things the Conner family did. Not only because of what they did to him but what they did to me.

He rolls me over in his arms and the sun pouring in from the window lets me see his handsome face. Maybe not classically handsome like a model on a magazine, because his features are hard and fierce, but he’s all man and it makes the tender ache I feel between my thighs throb with need. I don’t care if I’m still sore, I want him inside me. I don’t think I’ll ever not have the need to be as close to him as I can get.

“How long have you been awake?” His eyes search my face with concern. “You needed rest, baby.” He’s worried about me, but he’s the one we should be worried about right now. My eyes start to water because he didn't answer my question. “Jesus.” He cups my face in his giant hands. “No one will ever take you from me again. Get that shit out of your head.”

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