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“How things have changed,” I say.

“A good woman will do that.”

“Oh, I know the perfect wedding planner,” I hear Jenna say as she and Dove walk into my office. I stand and make a beeline for Dove, pulling her into my arms.

“She better be able to plan a wedding in a week,” I tell her before I lean down and kiss Dove softly. She melts into me like always and I forget for a moment we aren't alone. When I pull back, Dove’s lips are swollen and her eyes are filled with lust.

My dad clears his throat and I have to fight back a growl.

“You can’t kiss me in front of your parents,” she gasps, her cheeks turning red. My cock jerks at the sight. I hope she never loses that blush. I’m guessing she won’t. Even with all the things I’ve done to her body, her face still flushes when my cock is deep inside of her.

“I’ll kiss you whenever I want. You’re mine,” I remind her, and she rolls her eyes.

“A few weeks? Really?”

“You’re lucky she isn't married already,” I tell Jenna, glancing over at her.

“Like father like son,” she mutters as my dad comes to her side and pulls her into him.

He reaches his hand out to Dove. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Might as well call me Dad.”

This makes her smile as she reaches out and takes his hand. I’m glad he’s making this easy on her. I wasn't sure how this would go tonight with me unloading on him, but it had gone better than I could have imagined.

“I’m Dove,” she says, beaming at everyone.

“Welcome to the family,” he tells her.

Fuck, I’m happy this went so well. Dove’s parents have been shit. When she called and told them she was engaged they didn’t take it so well. I still need to take a visit out to their house so we can try and fix things. I’ll do anything to make Dove happy. I don’t know how such assholes could raise a perfect, sweet creature. I want to hate them and tell them to fuck off, but because of them I have her.

I lean down and kiss Dove below her ear. “You look beautiful.” She’s wearing a black dress that hugs her chest tight, with lace over her cleavage, but I can still see it if I look hard enough. Her lips are painted a cherry red to match a bow that’s tied in her blonde curls. She leans into my touch and I give her another kiss below her ear.

“Maybe we should order in.”

“Here we go,” Dove says, giving my chest a playful smack.

“Is he the jealous possessive type, too?” Jenna laughs as she says it.

“That’s putting it lightly.” Dove pulls from my hold and I reluctantly let her go. She walks out of my office and my eyes go to her ass, then to her legs. Her legs aren't covered enough for my liking, but I don’t know how she’ll feel about my caveman act right now.

Jenna follows her out, and the puppies and my dad and I are all hot on their heels. I watch as Dove grabs her coat and slides it on. I run my hands through my hair. At least I booked a private room for our dinner tonight at the restaurant. I won’t have to deal with every fucker in the place looking at her.

I grab my own coat as we head out to the elevator. Once inside I pull Dove back to me once again. She and Jenna talk about the wedding and I listen so I can make sure she gets everything she wants. She will. I don’t care what it costs or how much extra I’ll have to pay to get it all done yesterday. It will be worth every penny. I need her branded as mine in every way. Ring on her finger, my last name attached to her name, a baby in her belly.

I fight back a groan when an image of her swollen with my child enters my mind. When the elevator opens we walk out and onto the busy sidewalk and I see my driver waiting.

I freeze when I hear a catcall. I turn to see two young men looking at Dove. My body goes rock solid and my vision goes red. The must feel my stare because their eyes come to mine. I go to take a step toward them and I watch their faces turn stark white.

Dove grabs a hold of me and I want to pull away, but I would never push her off me. The two boys take off running and I turn, grabbing Dove.

“We’ll reschedule,” I tell my dad and Jenna before grabbing my girl and throwing her over my shoulder. She lets out a squeak but doesn't fight me. I stride back into our building and hit the elevator button. It opens immediately. The doors have barely closed and I have her pinned to the wall with my mouth on hers. I need to remind myself she’s mine so this jealousy that's coursing through me gets under control.

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