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“Fine by me,” she says.

“Go have a seat in the waiting room, Hadley. I'll come talk to you after the class is over.”

“Okay,” I say softly and walk toward the door, ears filled with the whispering voices of the other women in the class. Then ashamed and embarrassed, I make my exit.

Chapter Nine


I never forget a face.

Ma used to tell me it was a gift that I have a photographic memory, but there are times, times like a few minutes ago, where I think it’s a curse.

Not that I’d ever forget her face anyway.

You never forget the face of the person’s life you saved.

And she’s here…

She just randomly shows up where I train. That can’t be a coincidence, right?

I take a breather from knocking the shit out of my sparring partner and walk over to the back left corner of the ring. There was a tall brunette who was eye-fucking me earlier and she’s still next to the ring. She notices that I’m going for my water bottle and beats me to it, handing it to me with a wide toothed grin. “Hi there.” She has a light, airy voice and my eyes immediately zone in on her boobs. Hey, I’m a man. What do you expect? This girls’ jugs are massive. Each one the size of a grapefruit.

Super perky.


And most likely fake.

I squirt water all over my over heated face, drink some, then stretch my arms out across the rope. I smirk at her, tilting my chin up. “What’s up?” My eyes sweep over her heart-shaped face. She’s hot. Symmetrical features. Nice light blue eyes. Then they drop to her stomach. Her toned stomach. But she’s got an hourglass shape. Which I like. Very much.

She glances around me at my sparring partner and puts on a pouty face. “You didn’t hurt him too bad did you?”

“Nah,” I say with a cocky chuckle. “He’ll recover.” But I’d hate to see what Avery Mullins looks like when I’m through with him though.

The girl bats her eye lashes and me and chews on her lower lip. “So what do you do for fun?”

My eyes burn into hers. “Lots of things.” I like to keep it short and simple with the broads I meet. I’m careful not to let them see the real me. Or let them know about some of the things I’ve done.

The girl smirks at me seductively, a sensual gleam in her eye. “Like what?”

She wants me to elaborate, but I don’t. I’d like to tell her, you are what I’d do for fun, but my thoughts are interrupted when Joe comes up behind me and whacks me in the back of the head with his palm. “Easy Casanova,” he walks to the other side of the ring and stands next to my sparring partner, “ keep that dick in your pants.”

I groan and glare at Joe from over my shoulder. “Cock blocking bastard.”

His eyes narrow. “What’s the first b?”

I let out a deep breath and stare at the girl standing in front of me. “No broads.” My eyes sweep over the girl and I give her a devilish grin. “Until after my title fight, that is.”

“All right lover boy!” Joe shouts. “Get back over here! We’re not finished yet!”

I wink at the brunette and she smiles excitedly. And just before I make my way over to Joe, I see the door to the classroom open and the girl I recognized from earlier creeps out. She keeps her head down and shuffles to the waiting room, not making eye contact with a single person in her path. She’s got mahogany colored hair, but I remember her being a blonde.

Maybe she colored it.

Or is wearing a wig.

I shrug. I don’t know why I care.

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