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I’m baffled by his comment. “Excuse me?” I roll my eyes toward Drake. “Famous, kid? What’s that about?”

Drake eyes his brother like his blue orbs are daggers and he’s cutting into his flesh. “Don’t mind Elliot. He lives for sarcasm.”

Elliot rolls his eyes. “Whatever. Drake talked about the way he rescued you for like an entire summer. We had to listen to him brag about it over and over and over again.” Elliot chuckles and rubs his chin with his forefinger and thumb. “Trust me when I say this; It got old real fast.”

Drake gives me a cheesy grin, juts his arm back and elbows Elliot in the stomach. Elliot hunches over, winces, and grunts out in pain. Then Drake steps in front of him.

“Did I mention Elliot also likes to exaggerate?”

Part of me is confused by their brotherly bantering and the other part of me is a giddy child locked in a toy-store after being told I can take home any toy that I want. Drake is that hot pink motorized Barbie Corvette and I want him—bad. I’ve waited years for him.

Finally, the patience is about to pay off.

There’s another part of me that is confused by Elliot’s uncanny resemblance to Drake. And I wonder why I never noticed it before.

Both of them standing side by side, almost the exact height, golden blonde hair, puddles of blue for eyes, and bronzed abs has my mind in a blunder. I keep glancing in between the two brothers, wondering if I’m looking at the right one.

I stop and focus on the brother to my right. Totally Drake. When he smiles he has dimples on both sides of his cheeks and Elliot only has one on the right cheek. Also, Elliot’s eyes are a little bit brighter of a blue than Drake’s and set a little farther apart on his face. Yeah, now that I look at them, I mean really look at them; they don’t look as much alike as I originally thought.

Then I stare at Drake. Intensely. Reality slips away. I’m living in a sordid façade where the entire beach is abandoned and Drake is standing on one end and I am on the other. Heat lightning snaps above our heads and fans across the sky from the humidity. Waves crash into the sand, pumping a rhythmic rush into the air—the soundtrack to our movie.

Drake crooks me a devilish grin and his eyes turn from grayish blue to electric blue as the lightning flashes in them. He lures me closer with his stellar smile and electric eyes and before I know it, an invisible tether is dragging me across the sand. Closing the gap between us. I fight at first, trying to break free from his hold, but then I stop. I can’t fight Drake’s gravitational pull anymore because all I want is to be in his orbit.

I’m in his arms and his hands are in my hair, twirling through reddish-brown strands. He breathes into my ear and inside I’m the Berlin Wall, collapsing. Crumbling cement everywhere. Thousands of German’s cheering.

Suddenly I find myself thinking about things. Naughty things. Dirty things. I’ve been a bad girl things. Things that I’d normally never think about.

Seduce Me. Ravage me. Torture me. Throw me down in the sand and shroud me with breathless wonder. I want him so bad it aches.

I want him the way Satan wants to corrupt a person of virtue. I want him like a depraved sinner kissing the feet of his savior and begging for

their forgiveness.

Drake’s hand slides up my waist and I want him to touch me everywhere. He kisses my neck and I want him to kiss me like I’ve never been kissed before. I want every other kiss I’ve ever received to feel juvenile and silly. So that a brush from his lips trumps every other kiss I’ve ever received. So that he’s number one. So that his kiss matches the way I feel about him everywhere, not only in my heart.

I drop my gaze to his hands, his strong manly hands. I imagine them crawling up my skin peeling away straps from my shoulder blades, tugging on my loose clothing. His hands want me bare. His hands want to glide over my soft, smooth skin and make me shiver in delight.

Drake clears his throat and I snap out of the trance, shaking my head. Whoa. That felt way too real and I swear I’m blushing. I need that dip in the cool water now more than ever.

“Elliot starts college in the fall,” Drake tells me.

I smile at Elliot. “I know.”

Drake eyes me, confused. “Huh? How do you know?”

Elliot clears his throat and chuckles. “We sort of know each other.”

Drake’s eyes widen and his jaw drops. “What? How?”

“Your brother hit me in the head with a freaking door.”

Elliot smirks. “She wasn’t watching where she was going.”

My jaw drops. “No way. You are not going to blame it all on me. Let’s just say it was both of our faults.”

Drake and Elliot exchange a glance and Drake runs his hand through his golden locks. “Well, what can I say? Elliot has never been the graceful type. Or smooth with the ladies.”

Elliot scowls at Drake and the once light hearted situation has turned into a tense one. The tension swells and fills the air surrounding us and my skin prickles. I can tell that these two don’t necessarily have a great relationship and I’m guessing that maybe it has to do with a deeply rooted sibling rivalry or something. I mean I could be wrong. I don’t have any siblings so I can’t be one hundred percent sure, but Elliot is staring at Drake like he wants to murder him and his hands are balled into fists at his sides.

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