A Flurry of Love - Page 13

“You don’t want to know the things I want to do right now.”

“I think I want to know.” I lift my hips, rubbing myself against him, and his cock presses into my stomach. The man is big everywhere. The size of it is a bit intimidating, but still I don’t want to stop. I want everything he’s willing to give me right now.

“I want to find out if you taste like candy everywhere.”

“Candy?” I lick my lips, wondering if that’s really what I taste like.

“Yeah, candy.” He runs his mouth along my jaw. “So damn sweet.”

“Find out then,” I encourage.

I’m not trying to hang on to my virginity. There hasn't been anyone that’s ever tempted me to give it up. I also want it to be with someone I can trust because I know it can be painful. I know Connor would handle me with care. He’s more than proven that already. He also knows what he’s doing, and he would make it good for me.

“Has anyone ever eaten your pussy?” Heat rushes to my face, and I can’t help the damn blush. His crude words turn me on even more, and his bluntness is intoxicating.


Connor takes a deep breath, and I think he enjoys my answers. “I’m going to ruin you then.”

“Ruin me?”

“In the best of ways.” He kisses me again before I can try to respond.

When his mouth leaves mine, it’s only to pull the oversized shirt I’m wearing from my body to toss it away. But his mouth doesn't come back to mine. Instead it goes to my breast, and his tongue circles my nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

A whimper pours from me. His hand cups my other breast, his fingers toying with my nipple. I had no idea how erotic and responsive my breasts could be. Sure, I’ve read about it before in some of my books, but I wasn't really a believer. I touched them but never got much out of it.

Connor makes them ache with need, and when his teeth graze my nipple, I moan. The sensation shoots straight to my clit, and he gives each the same attention before his mouth leaves them to travel farther down my body. As much as I don’t want him to stop, I want his mouth between my thighs now.

“Connor, please.” I start to beg, and he lifts his head from my stomach, where he’s placing open-mouthed kisses.

“You said I could see if you tasted like candy everywhere,” he reminds me. “I plan to kiss every inch of you, little duck.”

“Every inch?”

“Pretty damn close.” His hands graze down the sides of my hips. “You’re laid out naked in my bed like a wet dream come to life. I’m going to take my time and enjoy you. I know a good thing when I see it. I’m not one of those dumbass boys you showed up here with.”

That’s for damn sure.

I stare down at him and remind myself that if I’m not careful, I could very well fall in love with him. Especially with the way he’s talking to me.

“Okay.” I give in. “I just need you.” I sink my teeth into my bottom lip, and his eyes flare at my words.

“I’ve got you.” He presses a kiss to my stomach. “I’ll give you what you need, then I'll keep on exploring.”

“All night.”

“Careful, little duck,” he warns.

“I don’t want to be careful. Not with you.” Something flashes in his eyes as he moves farther down my body and spreads my thighs wide to make room for his broad shoulders.

He leans down, sucking in a deep breath, and his eyes close for a long second. Oh my god, he’s smelling me, and if I could blush harder I would. Why is that so damn hot?

He takes one long lick between my lower lips, and my hips buck off the bed. No sooner than my hips are up in the air, he puts his forearm over them, pinning me right back down to the bed. He buries his face between my thighs, and it keeps me from moving as he locks me in place.

I thought he was going to go slow with how he was taking his time before, but the second he tastes me, it’s as if something snaps inside of him.

His mouth is relentless as he devours me, and before I can process what’s happening, I’m already cumming. My body was already on edge, so I go off fast, but that doesn’t stop Connor. He licks up every drop and demands more as his tongue circles my clit before sliding down and pressing inside of me. He thrusts it in and out, and I groan as I ride his face.

“I can barely get my tongue in you.” He says it like he can hardly believe it.

I try to move my hips, but he’s got me pinned down, and that should maybe scare me, but all it does is heighten everything. The idea of being held open for him to do anything to me only has my sex locking around his tongue. A deep growling sound comes from him as he pulls his tongue out and goes back to my clit. It’s all too much, and with a few strokes he has me cumming again.

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