A Flurry of Love - Page 25

“Not the least bit sleepy.” Her fingers play with the collar of my shirt, and a hot shiver goes down my back.

When my shins hit the mattress, I climb on it and place Evie in the middle. I fall on top of her, my big body blanketing hers. My hands go up her sweatshirt, and I feel the warmth of her skin, reminding myself that she’s here and she’s real.

“Every minute without you felt like I was dying.” My mouth goes to her stomach as I push the sweatshirt off of her, and her bare breasts are exposed. I kiss my way up until I can rub my face against them and suck her nipples.

“Connor, don't stop.” Evie pushes at her bottoms, and I strip them off with one hand while the other caresses her curves.

“The world would have to quit spinning for that to happen.” My eyes meet hers, then our mouths connect.

This kiss is hungry and fierce as she yanks at my clothes like they’ve offended her. I’m all too eager to be skin on skin, so when the last stitch of clothing between us is gone, I just stare down at her.

“Look how beautiful you are.” I shake my head. “My chest hurts because I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” she moans, and I kiss over her hips and between her legs.

I push her knees apart and don’t hesitate as I lick straight up her center and cover her pussy with my mouth. I moan at her sweet taste and swear that I’ll never be without it again. No matter what happens in life, I’ll always be by her side and on my knees ready to love her.

“So fucking good,” I groan, rubbing my nose and chin in her juicy little pussy.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she whines as she wiggles her hips against my mouth.

Draping my arm over top of her to hold her in place, I keep on licking while she squirms. “Show me how much you missed me, little duck. Show me how much you love me and cum on my face.” When I thrust two fingers inside of her, that’s all it takes to send her over the edge.

Evie claws at the sheets and screams my name as she comes apart, and I’m there to drink it down. Her tight sheath squeezes me as I lick her pussy clean, and I groan at how fucking good she tastes.

When I pull my fingers free, I suck on them as I sit up and kneel between her legs. My hard cock is dripping with cum already, and I smear it over her pussy lips. She’s already soaking wet from her desire and release, but I’m careful when I put the thick head of my dick at her entrance.

“Just let me get you through this, and I promise I’ll make it good for you.” I grip the base of my cock to keep from cumming too soon. When she nods, I push in a little and her body automatically protests my size. “Breathe, little duck, and let me in.”

“It’s too big.” Her hips rock up like she wants to take more but can’t.

“If all you can take is the tip, then that’s all I’ll give you. You can ride the head of my cock until the end of time, but just breathe, baby. We were made to fit.”

She nods as she spreads her legs a little wider, and I gently rub her clit. Slowly but surely, she softens and takes a little more of me with each breath. I can feel the pinch of her virginity as I slide a little deeper and stop. Leaning forward, I pin her down with my body and kiss her lips softly, thrusting the rest of the way inside.

Evie calls out, and it breaks my heart that I have to do this to her, but I know eventually it will be worth it. I kiss her cheeks and neck and tell her how beautiful she is and how much I love her. How we’re going to be together forever and that this only happens the first time.

Eventually, she begins to listen to the words and ignores the bite of pain. And after a little longer, she’s moving under me and asking me to keep going.

My thrusts are shallow at first and tentative to make sure she’s okay. But once she nods and I get a full slide in her pussy, I nearly pass out at how fucking good she feels.

“So goddamn wet,” I groan, gliding in and out of her like hot butter, and she coats my cock. “Perfect, Evie. I knew you’d be perfect.”

“It’s so deep,” she gasps, clenching around me, and I feel her legs go around my waist. “More.”

Her eyes are closed, and her back is arched like she’s fighting her climax. Oh hell no, she won’t hold back on me now.

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