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She opened her eyes. “Next time, I get to strip you.”

“Deal.” He felt happy in the knowledge they had many years to enjoy each other.

He removed her jeans and she stood nude in front of him. He loved her belly ring shining in the light. He touched the small gold heart with a crystal in it. Her skin was a golden tan color and felt so soft and smooth. She smelled like wildflowers. “I love your curves, baby girl. Don’t ever lose them. “

She nodded as he stripped out of his own clothes. He laid her gently on the bed over the covers. Her smile was so genuine. She was as excited as he was, and that made him feel confident yet nervous, too. He wanted to please her. She put her hands on his shoulders. “I love you, Tony Smith.”

“I love you, Alicia Smith,” he whispered back automatically. She belonged to him in his heart and soul.

Her eyes widened. “I am not a Smith.”

“We can take care of that by going to the courthouse.” He nibbled on her sk

in happily. He liked when things worked out easily. He would have her married and tied to him legally. Piece of cake. He congratulated himself.

She slapped his shoulder. “If that is a proposal, it is sadly lacking in the memorable department.”

He looked at her pout and thought it was so cute. He touched her lips with his and she would not allow him access. He pulled her close to his body and soon she was opening up to him. He explored her mouth with his tongue until she was moaning and caressing his back. He loved the feel of her hands on his body. She was so eager to experience everything with him.

He looked at her and caressed her cheek. “Alicia, we know we love each other. We confessed it on your sister’s porch. That was my proposal. I want you forever. I want to fall asleep with you next to me and wake up with you next to me. I want it all. Children. Fights with make-up sex. A life together. I want an eternity with you.”

Her eyes filled with tears and she sniffed. “You are good with flowery speeches.”

“They’re not speeches, amor, they are just my feelings.” He smiled proudly, glad he remembered Drake calling Jasmine that several times. He knew it meant love. He would learn her language, especially all the romantic words. He wanted to please her and show her how deeply his feelings went. She was his treasure.

Soon, all thoughts were forgotten as emotions and desire took over. Her lips were nibbling at his neck. Her hands were down at his hardness and his thoughts flew out the window. All he could do was concentrate on how good it felt with her hands playing with him. He was overwhelmed with desire and love.

He pushed her legs open and felt her wetness at the juncture of her legs. She was ready for him. He loved how receptive she always was with him. It boosted his self-confidence.

She guided him toward her, letting him know what she wanted. Him, inside of her. He slid inside and felt his cock rub against her vaginal walls. They both inhaled a deep breath and he felt her grip on his shoulders tighten up. He liked knowing she was as anxious as he was to make love, and that was what this was, an expression of their love. Now he realized how amazing it felt when there was an emotion behind it and not just a goal to have physical release. He closed his eyes and thrust harder until he couldn’t go further.

“You always amaze me, Alicia. You are so receptive to my touch.”

“Because I love you, Tony. I have for months now,” was her simple answer, but he felt it deep in his soul.

“I’m sorry I hurt you.” He felt guilty about that but he planned on making it up to her. “I never meant for it to get so fucked-up between us.”

She caressed his cheek and smiled. “Well, you got your act together now.”

He thrust faster and harder, grabbing her generous and soft ass. He pulled her as close as possible. He wanted it to last, but it always went too quick. She got him so worked up, rocking her hips to match his tempo. The little noises of excitement she made excited him. He fucked her so hard the headboard and the wall met, causing loud knocks. Thank god his brother wasn’t home. He needed to get her a place of her own. That was his last thought before his brain went blank. His climax hit him hard and left him feeling as weak as a newborn kitten. Shit, he was sure his legs were too shaky to stand up.

“You’re a firecracker, babe.”

He heard her small laugh and yawn. He pulled the covers over them without letting her go. He liked having her in his arms. He closed his eyes with the intent to just relax and instead fell right to sleep.

Chapter Twenty

Tony and Alicia sat at breakfast with Matt and Holly the next morning. Tony was in a good mood. He announced their marriage plans before they even started eating.

“You’re going to the courthouse to get married? Soon?” Holly looked at them with amusement, and then she looked at her husband. “Is this a family tradition? Matt and I got married in the backyard. Before I knew it, I had a ring on my finger. It was so fast my head was spinning.”

Matt chuckled and nodded. He kissed her hand. “Why wait? We loved each other and I wanted you to be mine forever.”

Tony looked at Alicia, and she smiled and reached for his hand. Her family might not like the quick, no-frill way, but she wanted to cement it legally without all the months of planning. “Yes, we have to let my family know, then fill out papers. When John is caught, and Tony gets his vacation, he promised me a week on any beach I want. That works for me.”

Tony gave her a heated look. “Let’s find a private beach.”

“Deal.” She laughed. She helped Holly clean up while Tony and his brother talked.

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