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I raise a hand to try and strike him, but he easily swats it away and chuckles.

“You don’t know what love is, little girl. I tried so fucking hard with you and this is how you repay me? By stomping all over my fucking heart after I give it to you? You’re just like your worthless fucking mother. It only makes sense that you die like her too.”


With a grunt, he shoves me violently down into the oubliette. I know that I’ve broke my leg on the way down. My head hurts from slamming into the wall when I landed. The world is impossibly bright in the darkness—stars exploding behind my tightly closed eyes. The air has been knocked out of my lungs, and while I know there’s no coming back from this, I have the slimmest of hopes that he’ll throw the ladder down. That maybe this was a mistake on his part.

I shift on the dirty ground, grimacing as tears sting my eyes from the pain my body is experiencing all at once.

How I didn’t manage to die or break something else is nothing short of a miracle, but I know if I don’t get help soon, my leg will become infected and I’ll die a painful death.

"Useless fucking kids,” he mutters as he closes the wooden gate on the oubliette, and sliding the lock into place.

“Daddy! I’m sorry!” I scream up in terror.

But if he heard me, he doesn’t acknowledge it. I’ve betrayed his love and that’s the worse offense in his eyes.

“Daddy! Please,” I whimper as I slap the side of the well.

He won’t come back for me.

He’s much too stubborn to care now.

Especially since I’ve become nothing more than one of his useless fucking kids.

I’m sorry.

Ten Years Later

“Stop crying,” I tell her as I push deeper into her wet, warm core. “This is how things are now. It’s how Dad would have wanted it, remember?”

Skylar turns her face away from me as fresh tears spill down her face. I don’t think she’s crying because it feels bad, but because it feels good and we both know that it shouldn’t.

Dad died a few years after Mom. Old age finally caught up to him, and the man that I thought would live forever, was suddenly no more.

The night that he threw her down into the well and locked her in, he let us out of the cages he kept us in behind the house, and took me to my room to talk to me.

I remember the day he took Mom out there like it was yesterday. Because he kept us muzzled unless he was sneaking out to feed us, we couldn’t call out to her when they showed up in the clearing. I wanted nothing more than to have my mother save us, but we couldn’t even alert her to us being there. Dad threatened to kill her if we tried, and I knew he would.

When he sat me down, I remember being scared, tired, and angry that he treated us like animals for as long as he did, though it all ended up making sense when he explained things to me.

He told me about how to be a real man and how he wouldn’t be with us forever, but that he knew I’d make him proud by carrying on the Greene name. He told me that the only way to do that would be with Skylar and even though it didn’t make sense to me then, it does now.

To keep our family strong, we have to keep it going, and I promised him that when we were both able to, we would do our part.

“Skylar, stop crying,” I tell her again through grit teeth as I continue to piston my hips. I’m gent

le with her because she deserves it, but I hate it when it makes her cry.

“We’ll be done soon,” I promise as I rest my forehead against her cheek. “You just have to help me a little bit and I’ll … finish … faster … ”

Don’t touch her until she starts bleeding.

Dad told me that before that it wouldn’t be worth the time. That if she hasn’t bled yet, we wouldn’t be able to carry on the family name.

Skylar takes a deep, shuddering breath as she turns her face back toward me, her lips brushing mine. I remember there were times that I heard Mom crying like this, but it stopped after a while, and I’m sure it’ll be the same way with my us eventually.

My breath comes out in a gasp as she digs her nails into my back. She whimpers slightly and I move my hips faster, going deeper into her than I ever have been before.

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