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When he suddenly pulled away, I was trying not to seem disappointed. He was already grabbing my hand and pulling me deeper into his home before I could try to complain. Following behind him, my face burned as so many thoughts blasted through my head.

After stepping through a doorway, we entered a room that was illuminated by the moonlight seeping through the cracks of the blinds. When he turned back my way, it felt like the air in my lungs was knocked right out of me. Just seeing him in this light left my chest tightening. Sucking in a breath, I watched as he stripped away his shirt.

Heat pooled between my legs as I already began stepping towards him once more. I was never the patient type. Reaching up, I gently cupped his face. I could easily get lost in his eyes if he continued to stare at me the way he was.

He lowered his head and kissed me once more, immediately returning to get a taste of my mouth. Rather than hold me against him like before, he was working on getting my dress off. Each time his fingers brushed against my skin, it left goosebumps trailing behind. Doing some pressing of my own, I could feel his growing arousal against my stomach.

Helping him get my arms through the straps of my dress, I shivered the moment my outfit hit my ankles. Kicking it away, I tried not to let my body get to me. I couldn’t remember the last time I let another man look at me with this much clothing on.

“What’s wrong?” he asked huskily.

Was it that obvious that I was starting to worry about this at the worst time? Clearing my throat, I shook my head. “Sorry, it’s just… been a while,” I told him truthfully. “I’m not exactly proud of the way I look,” I murmured. When I managed to meet his eye once more, I noticed a frown on his lips.

Before I could question him, he grabbed my hand. “You think I’m worried about something like that?” he asked me as his grip on my hand tightened. He then led me toward him, placing my hand against his stomach. “I don’t think you understand what you’re doing to me,” he groaned deeply as he slid my hand downwards.

Gasping softly, he let my hand go and I found the heat between my thighs grow. Against my palm was his growing erection. Though his pants were in the way, I could imagine his size. “Point taken,” I breathed as I slowly grew more confident.

That was it, I knew for sure that I wanted this man. Even if it was just for a single night, it would be the best damn night I’ve had in a while. I was going to make the most out of it.

Pulling me towards the bed, I found myself falling down onto it. Looking up at him surprised, I noticed how tall he looked when I was down like this. Sitting up slightly, I ditched my bra and tossed it over to where I thought my dress was. Before I could try to take off my underwear, he had already beat me to it. I was back to laying down with his fingers hooked underneath the layer of silk, lifting my hips, I helped him pull them off.

Now that I was completely naked in front of him, I gripped the blanket beneath me as his eyes took in my appearance. It might have been my imagination, but it seemed that the hunger behind his eyes was growing rapidly. I got chills when he placed his hands on my knees, wasting no time with pulling my thighs apart. He fit perfectly between them, almost like he was made for the spot.

He leaned down, brushing his lips against my stomach. I immediately wanted to giggle from the stubble on his chin tickling my sensitive skin. Instead, I bit my lip to stay silent. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed each kiss he placed up towards my breast. Just when I thought I couldn’t get enough contact, he pulled away from me.

Having a whine rest at the back of my throat, I cracked my eyes open to see his hands gripping the hem of his jeans. He seemed to be moving at a slow pace as he unbuttoned his pants. “Are you trying to torture me?” I teased him as I moved back on the bed.

Hearing his laugh knocked my breath right out of me. It was hard to crack jokes when he sounded like that in return. I watched as he dragged the clothing down his hips. At least he didn’t waste any time getting rid of his boxers. Now that he was standing just as naked as I was, I had an entirely new reason to feel breathless. How in the hell did I manage to hook up with such a good looking man?

He then added his own weight to the bed, making it creak in protest as he crawled towards me. Taking his spot between my thighs once more, he grabbed me and pulled me close. My sex clenched the moment he brushed against me. Touching him through his jeans earlier was nothing in comparison. I was tempted just to reach over and stroke him myself just so I could get a better feel. Before I could even get the chance to act, he was kissing me once more.

How could a giant be so gentle? The way my heart squeezed at each touch, I had to convince myself that it was just because he was the first man I’d been with in a while. This was supposed to be a one night stand, nothing more. As bad as I wanted to be swooned by him, it wasn’t allowed. As much as I wanted to tell myself that, he was making it hard to concentrate with his hands moving down below.

I gasped when one hand cupped my overwhelming heat. He wasted no time slipping a finger between my slickened folds. Covering my mouth, I tried not to moan when he pressed against my clit.

“Don’t silence those beautiful sounds,” he encouraged as his other fingers went towards my aching hole. Pressing one inside of me, he continued giving me the perfect amount of attention to my clit.

Dropping my hand away, I clutched the blankets beneath me as a moan spilled from my lips. I grew red from reacting this way from just his hand alone. But he seemed to be feeding off of it, giving me even more, making it hard to stay silent. All I could do was open my legs further for him to give him more room to work.

He slipped another finger inside of me, spreading them deeper inside of me. I could feel my juices dripping downward as he continued moving within me. As much as he enjoyed hearing my moans, he seemed to want the taste of my mouth even more. I could only groan against his tongue as I fought to concentrate on both areas.

Lifting my hands from the bed, I used them to pull his face closer to mine. I didn’t want to break contact. When he pulled his hand away, I didn’t give him the chance to move. I was enjoying myself more than I should have. As long as I wanted the kiss to go on, he had to pull away eventually. If I wanted to feel even better, the sacrifice would have to be made.

I stared up at him hazily as his hands went to my thighs, he erased whatever space was between us. Licking my swollen lips, I nearly got lost in his eyes.

“If only you could see what you look like right now,” he mumbled as he stared down at me. Gripping himself, he groaned loudly as he began pushing himself into me.

Blushing all the way to my ears, I groaned as he pressed deeper into me. Feeling myself stretch and adjust to his size, my thighs trembled as I lifted my legs up to hook behind him. Once his hips were pressed to mine, I realized that I had stopped breathing. Sucking in a deep breath, he took it away the moment he pulled back. Gasping, he began to thrust.

Along with my uneven breathing mixed with his low groans, I was trying my best to hold on. It felt impossible not to melt into the bed as he continued to push inside of me. His name slipped past my lips in a moan, encouraging him to move faster. I could barely handle what he was already giving me and now, it felt impossible not to just fall apart then and there.

I lasted only a few minutes before crying out, my body trembling as waves of pleasure shot through me.

Clutching to him, he continued moving within me until finally pulling out himself, moaning as he coated the blankets beneath us. We were both breathing heavily as we fought to catch our breaths. As good as it felt, I knew it wouldn’t be enough. I wanted more of this man. By the looks of it, he wanted the same thing.

Something told me that I’d be here all night.

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