The Company of Fiends (Tempting Monsters 2) - Page 47

I wet my lips, and Ronan waited. "Please don't stop," I whispered.

He kissed me once, bruising and simple, and then sat up, swatting one breast, a stinging crack to the spot, before reaching to my pussy.

"I like this sweet little clit too," Ronan said, the snap of his hips making me squirm and grasp uselessly at the pillows, my breath short and rapid, my finish so close I could feel my muscles tense and brace. "Like the way it looks just pinched between my fingers like this—"

I howled as he squeezed my clit, and then my breath froze in my chest and I couldn't make a sound as the pleasure struck, hard and quick, snapping through me. Ronan growled, stroking inside of me even as I clamped down so hard it was like I was trying to push him out.

I reached for him and Ronan fell into me, my arms wrapping around his back and his face tucking into my throat, nibbling and kissing there.

"Don't stop," I panted, still shaking and fluttering.

"You know I keep my promises," Ronan rasped, kissing my lobe, slowing his motion on top of me to give us both a moment to breathe. "I won't be finished with you until dawn."

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