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I squirmed and gasped as my sex rubbed against Nireas's fingers. I repeated the motion and my giant chuckled, his tail lifting and draping heavily over one of my legs, holding me in place.

"We're only just beginning. You must be patient, nymph."

Ronan moaned as Jude fed him his cock, removing his hand and bracing it against the back of the bench as he started to thrust gently. Ronan's hands were rubbing over his own groin, pulling open his pants, drawing out his dark red cock. I was so fixated on the pair of them, I missed the shadows moving out of the wings until they'd nearly reached the bench.

My breath hitched at the same moment that Jude released a bright bellow of pleasure, Antin's red hand stroking up his spine. Creamy fluid spilled out over Ronan's lips, and Antin stepped back next to Con.

"Up," Antin said, even as Jude still trembled and dripped onto Ronan's chest.

But they shuffled obediently, Ronan rising and pushing off his own pants, Jude catching his breath, his wings a restless, billowing shadow behind them.

"Touch me," I whispered to Nireas.

And this time, he listened, pulling up my nightgown and teasing my damp sex with two hands, spreading my arousal over every fold and quivering inch.

Antins's red flesh was a cooler shade than Ronan's, a subtle contrast as he braced the imp, and Con brushed a blue hand over Ronan's nipple. Ronan's eyes were wide and his skin flickered with flames, wings beating as he howled with pain. But his long cock was stiff, a visible bead of slick arousal pooling at the tip. Con and Antin both pulled away, and Ronan sagged and groaned, chest glittering with sweat as he gasped for breath.

"Fuck. Fuck," he whispered. I braced myself, waiting to see if he'd enjoyed it as much as I had or if he would only prefer Antin's gift of pleasure. He shook himself and then straightened, head turned toward Con. "Fuck, that's good. Again, but just you this time."

I grinned and then squirmed as Nireas swirled his fingertips over my clit, one digit sliding easily inside of me. He was being gentle, two more hands playing softly with my breasts, the last two holding me in place on his lap, petting my shoulder and stomach, maintaining my arousal as I watched the foursome on stage.

"Together," Jude said, shuffling forward on his knees until he and Ronan were kneeling within reach of each other, their cocks rubbing together.

Con reached for their faces with both hands, and Antin smiled—for me, I thought—and slipped his red hand between them. Jude and Ronan jerked as Con's hands grasped the backs of their necks, and their mouths slammed together in what had to be a brutal, bruising kiss, all teeth and tongue. And then Antin took their cocks together in one hand, and they were bucking, shouting, kissing, fucking the red fist that held them, their bodies tense under Con's sapphire touch.

I shuddered, riding Nireas's fingers as I watched them. Ronan's tail was whipping wildly, his wings beating and providing momentum to his thrusts. The heads of their cocks were rubbing against each other's stomachs, painting sticky streaks in their wake that caught the stage lights and glistened.

It was Ronan who came first, pulling away from Jude's kiss, leaning into Con's stroking hand that tangled in his hair, howling up to the rafters. Con tried to pull away, and Ronan grabbed him by the throat, making Con's silver eyes wide.

I tried to scramble off Nireas's lap, but he only allowed me to move up to my knees. It was enough. Ronan's tail was circling around Con's back, his hand reaching for Con's cock, and I gasped as Con went rigid, eyes rolling back and body trembling. Ronan yelped, his tail vibrating up to his spine like a strike of lightning running through his body, but whatever he was doing to Con, he didn't stop, and Antin soothed him with another stroke down his chest.

"Let's join them," I breathed to Nireas as he pulled me back to his chest.

"No," he answered, and then he drew me down, right onto his thick cock.

I hadn't noticed him readying himself, the man had too many damn hands, and I arched and moaned as his length stretched me. In the throes of my shock, Jude grasped Antin's face in his hands, pulling him in for a kiss.

The performance was messy chaos. They hadn't rehearsed, and I could barely see half of what I suspected was happening, but it was a beautiful tangle of bodies I knew and appreciated intimately. I was riding Nireas without thinking about it, my body following the same pace as Jude's thrusts in Antin's hand. Ronan was pulling Con onto the bench, between himself and Jude, the demon surrendering to their clamoring touches, his eyes wide with some mix of passion and surprise.

The vision was shrouded, briefly, as Nireas pulled my chemise off over my head, and then revealed again, Antin now tangled in the middle, his and Con's backs to one another as Jude and Ronan attacked them with desperate kisses and an unrestrained frenzy of need. Their bodies bucked together, cocks grinding and spurting, arms circling and legs bracing, folding, until they were one intricate knot of muscle.

"You made it," Nireas said, his breath a little short as he worked me on his length.

I blinked and realized Hunter was approaching from the aisle, sparing an appreciative glance for the stage. His hat was off, coat over his arm, and I whined as Nireas shifted inside of me, sinking deeper, rubbing at my front walls.

"I am. And our darling girl looks as though she's appreciating the efforts on stage," Hunter said, smiling down at me, watching me rise and fall on Nireas's thick cock.

"I am. Very much," I panted, my eyes trailing back.

Ronan's tail was in Antin's ass now, the red demon thrashing with delight, Ronan all but collapsed in Con's embrace, his face tortured with sensation.

"I won't interrupt your view," Hunter said, sinking to his knees.

Nireas spread his legs, and mine with them, and I managed one quick whimper of understanding before Hunter was kissing my sex, long tongue stroking, lips pulling and pressing around my clit. Nireas shuddered and groaned in my ear, his fingers on my breasts pinching a little tighter as Hunter's tongue circled his pumping cock, even dipped inside me with his thrust.

"Oh, Hunter. Fuck, Nireas, I—I'm so close," I whined. "You feel so good. Please don't stop! Don't tease."

Hunter licked me like he was greeting me after not seeing me for weeks. There was nothing like his tongue, his hungry lips, his tusks pressing and spreading me open. Nireas's hands combed through my hair, and I brought one of his hands up from my hip to my throat, teaching him how to grip and hold me as he fucked me. He was gentler than Hunter, but he learned my taste as I started to flutter and thrash on his cock.

Antin was sucking Jude's length, Con in his ass now and Ronan's tail around his blue cock, and Ronan was fitted to Con's back, furiously bucking even as he whined in pain. Jude looked as though he might've forgotten to breathe, one lone taut arch of pleasure, glittering with cum and sweat dressed over him.

I came as they all did, screaming with them, my cunt bearing down and Nireas's grip biting erotically around my throat as I took him with me. Hunter cleaned us both as we shuddered through wave after wave, and Con and Antin blended back into Constantine, his face pressed to Jude's hip, Ronan limp over his back, wings drooping down to the floor.

Hunter kept licking, summoning fresh shivers of release, until Nireas lifted me off his cock with a groan. I was passed down into my orc's arms. He stood, cradling me, and Constantine blinked wearily at us, a rare smile gracing his lips.

"Are you tired, little one?" Hunter asked, lifting my fevered body up to the cool floorboards of the stage.

I was exhausted. I was only just beginning.

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