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Iawoketosilence. The air was crisp, slightly chilled, but the soft material beneath me felt warm and inviting. I almost decided to go back to the dream world as my head pounded with a deep ache. It felt as if my brain was crashing against my skull in an attempt to escape captivity, and that’s when I remembered.

Sitting up, I heard a rattling and felt an unknown weight on my ankle. I looked down and saw a metal cuff attached to my leg which was bolted to the wall via a metal chain. It was long enough for me to move around on the right side of the room, but not long enough to stretch across the entire expanse.

Besides the chain, my body was practically bare. All that covered me was a sheer, nude lingerie set I hadn’t been wearing before. The bralette and cheeky underwear fit me perfectly. In any other situation, I would admire how great my breasts looked, but now was not the time.

I controlled my breathing and refused to let panic take over. I needed to remain calm and make decisions wisely. Whatever happened here, I would survive. Well, I would either live through it and go to therapy for the rest of my life or die here, which could be a perfectly suitable option depending on their plans. I never quite figured out if I was a realist or a pessimist, but I was as prepared and clear headed as I could be, given the situation.

After a few deep breaths, I let my eyes wander and fully took in my surroundings. The walls were made of logs, and the room looked approximately twenty-five feet by twenty-five feet—although I could be off by twenty-feet if my horrendous ability to mentally measure even a few inches had anything to do with it. There was a metal stove in the corner, but no windows were in the room. I couldn’t tell if this was a room in a cabin or the entire structure itself. The steepness of the roof signaled to the latter. Two doors were nestled in a corner perpendicular to each other. One most likely led to the outside world and the other a closet or perhaps a bathroom.

The lighting wasn’t terrible, dim but in a way that would be sultry if it was in a different context. Shelves and hooks lined the walls, holding what looked like every erotic toy one could possibly imagine. Some, I didn’t even have names for. Based on my location of a fur covered table with various straps, I’d venture a guess that I would find out soon enough.

My heart rate picked up at the thought, and my breaths became shaky. However, I was determined to finish my perusal. This wasn’t the worst of what could happen, and I needed as much information as possible before someone realized I was awake and came in to interrupt my investigations.

Hopping off the table, careful to lower my chained leg as slowly and quietly as possible, I moved closer to the wall the chain was attached to—the same wall that held the mystery door. The shelves here held butt plugs, some dildos, various vibrators, strap-ons, and so much more.

Around the room on the floor were identical chests, at least on the outside. I kneeled to open the one that sat in front of me. It creaked open and revealed piles of more toys. The chest was split into a few sections, and each one was given a designated toy type to hold.

There were various kinds, small to large, and all sorts of colors. A large glitter-coated, red dildo in the shape of what I would call a demon’s dick sat on top.

A shiver ran through me as full realization hit me. This was their version of a sex dungeon, but unlike the ones you could venture into for a fun night of consensual play, this was used to torture and take whatever they pleased.

I was now their plaything, their ‘little bird’ who fell too far from the nest. I would not make it out of this cabin without clipped wings, littered with scars.

The chill had set in. The minimal clothing did nothing to stifle the cold air. It was the middle of September in the Great Lake Region, so the days were warm, but the nights were frosty. When I had arrived at the saloon, it was midday, but from the feel of the air, night had fallen.

I laid curled up on the fur covered table—which I found out could morph into different shapes by flipping over the furs and checking under the table top. There was no other place that would provide warmth for me, not unless I could manage to start a fire in the wood stove that I could barely reach. There were some wooden paddles that could work well for fuel, but getting those initial sparks would be impossible for someone with no experience.

I didn’t know how long I had stayed in that position, trying to preserve my warmth, but finally, someone came through the door, Grizzly. I internally scolded myself for thinking finally, but he came with an arm full of logs and other supplies to get a fire going.

He uttered no words as he crossed the room and dropped the materials beside the stove. In mere minutes, a fire was roaring and the room started heating up. The fire was not big enough to coat the room in a blanket of heat, but it would remove some of the numbness in my fingers and toes.

Having finished, Grizzly made his way to stand in front of the table between me and the exit. I realized he hadn’t locked the door when he came in, but with the chain still attached, there was no reason to try and rush out the door. The time I spent with them at the bar had not led me to believe this was where I would end up. I didn’t know what they wanted from me, but looking at the instrument-covered floors and walls, I could imagine.

I had never been in a situation like this before, but I had done enough research for my books to know there were different types of assailants. Some wanted their captives to run so they could punish them, others went easier if you were pliant and did what they said. Many—and I was very much guessing this was something they looked forward to—wanted to break you. ‘Breaking’ came in many different forms, and I wondered if I would find my breaking point by their hands.

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