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Theblankethadbeen abandoned at the table, and I was, once again, chilled by the air in the cabin. The stove in the corner had been refilled with wood, but it only did so much to stifle the cold air.

The table, bench, torture device—whatever you wanted to call it—that I sat on in the center of the room had been thoroughly cleaned and reshaped into a flat surface during my bath. Wetness clung to the fur, but it smelled of cleaning supplies—citrusy and fresh. I was thankful that they took some things into consideration, not my feelings, but at least they took cleanliness seriously.

I ran my hands through the fur, distracting myself from what was coming for me. I didn’t pick a tile this time. Grizzly informed me that Sonny always went after Honey but didn’t elaborate besides them sharing a tile. My imagination was going wild with the possibilities as Grizzly called Honey in through his walkie talkie.

My legs fell over the edge of the table as I waited, swinging my legs back and forth. My wait didn’t last long. It felt shorter than the others, and I questioned if Honey ran all the way here from their cabin. As he opened the door, my question remained unanswered. If he had, no signs of it appeared. No sheen of sweat across his brow, no heavy breathing, nothing. Everything about Honey was the same as it was so many hours ago when I first met him.

His blond hair fell across his forehead and into his green eyes. The honey color of his hair made me question if they truly picked names from a bear’s head, but they had assured me there was no rigging of the name drawing. Honey either had amazing luck or the worst, depending on how he felt about the name.

He held himself well, standing tall and confident. He was similar in height to Grizzly, meaning he was taller than his brother but shorter than Kodiak who towered over all of them.

The door clicked shut, and he walked into the room, only stopping when he was just out of reach of my swinging legs as I recalled the information I had gathered on him. Honey was the troublemaker, having been kicked out of numerous motorcycle clubs before finding his way to the Grizzly Skulls. No one elaborated on what he had done, but based on tonight, I had a few guesses as to why he fit in here.

Now that I thought about it, I didn’t have too much information on Honey. Besides his club hopping, being Ursus’s older brother, and our ten year age gap, there was little there, but like the others, after tonight, I felt much closer to the group in a way I had never expected.

“Little Bird, are you ready for me?” His voice sent a shiver down my spine. There was so much desire woven into it, but there was also something else, something more sinister brewing beneath the surface. Honey was more terrifying than the others. His face could fool anyone into thinking he was kind and welcoming—which he had done to me—but once his real personality came out to play, there was no doubting that Honey was someone you wanted to avoid.

I refused to look him in the eye and shrugged. “Does it matter?” I asked. It wasn’t really a question. I knew the answer.

“No,” he responded anyway. “It really doesn’t, so let’s get started.”

Honey moved to a chest at the back of the room behind me. No one else had opened it, so I was unsure of what awaited me. I ignored the clanging as Honey pulled out what he was looking for and took other pieces that hung on the wall or sat on a shelf. He grabbed much more than Ursus had before him.

I continued to run my hand across the table as he set a smaller foldable one near the head of it, along with a large box and folding chair. Another piece was placed on the table behind me, but I didn’t turn enough to fully investigate. Instead, I stared up at the ceiling and hoped this wouldn’t be as bad as I was expecting.

I heard clothing being removed and dropped to the floor. First, his t-shirt with the Grizzly Skulls emblem was taken off, then his boots were kicked to the side, and finally, the zipper to his dark jeans was torn down and the material crumpled at his feet. Everything was kicked away so it wouldn’t get in the way.

“Lie back, Little Bird, and scoot your way up so your head is placed as close to the top edge as possible.” He patted the table as he spoke and moved the surprise tool onto the table with the box. I did as he said but never took my eyes off of the ceiling.

“Good girl, Little Bird. You’re so calm now,” Honey said as he patted my head. “This will go much more smoothly if you aren’t jerking about.”

I took a deep breath through my nose and waited to see what he had in store.

He leaned forward and grabbed a lever under the table, pulling. The whole thing dropped until I was level with Honey’s knees before the edges lowered until they almost hit the floor.

“Much better.” He sat in the folding chair and opened the box before pulling things from it and placing them on the table he had brought over.

The blood drained from my face when I noticed a large hollow needle sitting between his fingers.

“You’re going to pierce me?” I asked as the needle was placed on the table.

Honey gave me a broad smile and chuckled at my question. “You recognize the needle? That’s good. Maybe this will hurt less than you think. I have something amazing planned.”

I gulped at his words and mentally ran through all the possible piercings, but there were far too many to name. For all I knew, Honey could be aiming to pierce everything. I fought to hold in the shudder and barely managed.

“But we will have some fun first.” His smile was no longer on the verge of playfulness. It morphed into a deranged neediness that shone in his eyes. Honey was the master of disguising his desires, only showing you what you wanted to see until it was too late.

He abandoned the needle and stood up, pulling the straps from underneath. Both arms were secured above my head, and my legs and hips were tied down before Honey was pleased with his work.

He returned to the table and took the object that had been placed before me and held it up. “Do you know what this is?”

I shook my head. It was familiar, but I had never seen one like this before.

“The correct term is an open mouth gag, but I call it a Venus Flytrap. Open wide,” he said as he leaned over me.

I tried to pull my head away. It looked like a very uncomfortable thing to have in my mouth. The thought, couldn’t you just force your dick in, crossed my mind but I realized this would prevent me from biting off his dick and drowning in tainted blood.

“Cooperate, Little Bird!” Honey ground out as he pressed his knee against my forehead effectively pinning it and me to the table so he could place the unwanted instrument. His hands made quick work of ripping open my mouth and tying the gag into place behind my neck. There was no give. The gag would not be moving without a free hand to tear it off.

There I was, strapped to a table, unable to move with a gag in my mouth that kept it open wide for anything to fly in. I knew what was coming, or at least part of it. I sent up a silent prayer to whatever asshole God was allowing this to happen and begged for them to not let me choke and drown on my own vomit. If nothing else, I was owed that small blessing.

Without further explanation, Honey threw his leg over and straddled the table, giving me the perfect view of his everhardening dick—which, thankfully, was average in size.

“Oh, Little Bird, this is going to be fun. Deep breath now,” he warned before lining up his dick, and without any remorse, forced me to deepthroat him on the first entry. A loud groan escaped his lips as he sat there, balls deep in my mouth. Tears sprung to my eyes as I did all I could to not gag. He gave a small thrust of his hips as my tongue lapped at the skin, trying to find a comfortable place.

“Naughty bird, lick me some more.” There was so much desire in his voice, I couldn’t help but lick again. He hissed and pulled out, allowing me to fully breathe.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re enjoying this.” His smirk said he could see through my partial facade. All I did was glare at him and breathe while my mouth was void of an appendage.

His hand found its way to my face and stroked along my cheek, wiping away the tears that pooled around my eyes. “My Little Bird, such a special find.” He then pulled his hand back and gave my cheek a sharp smack. He cackled above me as I shrieked in pain around the gag.

“This is only the beginning. Shall we continue?” He didn’t wait for a response. Honey lined himself up again and pushed his cock back into my mouth. “Fuck, Averie, swallow me and don’t stop.”

Apparently, I was unable to fully ignore a command, so I swallowed as he thrust in and breathed as he pulled out. Soon, we found a rhythm. Honey was making more sounds than the other two had made. He was enjoying this, enjoying me.

I admonished myself again for finding pleasure in their actions. I was simply their fuck doll, not a willing participant. Their word was law, and I was a mere puppet.

So why was I enjoying this?

I closed my eyes and continued with swallowing and breathing and attempted to drone out the groans and praises falling from Honey’s mouth.

“Such a good girl,” “my Little Bird,” and, “you enjoy your mouth forcefully fucked by my cock, don’t you?” all pushed through, but I knew much more was said at my expense.

Even so, my tongue betrayed me and licked the soft skin on the underside of his dick every few thrusts, showing the small side of me that didn’t want this to end.

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